10 best gadgets gifts ideas 2021: Make Christmas special for your loved ones

Are you tired of brainstorming over what to gift your loved ones this Christmas? Well, we all will agree that thinking about a gift which is out-of-the-box and budget-friendly, is a more daunting task than the business of buying the gift itself. But we as usual have got it all covered with our Christmas gifting guide 2021.

Given how technology facilitates our everyday life and makes our daily tasks easy and enjoyable, gifting gadgets makes for an ideal choice. It does not matter whether your loved ones are fond of gadgets equipped with latest technology or not. After all, if a gadget is of utility and makes everyday experience easy, then even non-tech lovers will not be able to help but marvel at the beauty of gadgets and your thoughtfulness. 

Without further delay, let us get started. All you have to do is scroll down and take a look at the top 10 gadget gifts listed below. Some of the items rounded up in the list indeed fit the bill for out-of-the-box Christmas gifts. The best part is all of the electronics products listed are under the price point of 4,000. 

Take a look at the list.

1. Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0 Multimedia Speaker


These multimedia speakers are powered with USB, sport a modern design and also feature RGB LED lights. They enhance the sound experience and make it more immersive and enjoyable. Besides, you can also connect them to any other device via AUX cable. 


MRP: 999.00

Deal of the day: 699.00


2. Logitech H111 Wired Headset


These noise-cancelling headphones come with a mic, and are supremely easy and comfortable to wear. The ultra-soft foam ear cushions provide long-lasting comfort to your ears. Besides, the mic can be rotated up to 180 degrees. It further effectively cancels all the surrounding noise. There is an audio jack with which you can connect the headphones to any device and talk comfortably.


MRP: 795.00

Deal of the day: 745.00


3. Zebronics Zeb Wonderbar 10 USB Powered 2.0 Computer Speaker


These speakers are USB-powered and boast of a great frequency range. They come with RGB lights, volume controls and a port for mic or headphones. The best part is they can be used in two ways – in the form of a horizontal soundbar unit or the other as vertical 2.0 speaker setup. They are lightweight and decor-friendly. 


MRP: 1,499.00

Deal of the day: 881.00


4. FineArts Full Panel Laptop Skins Upto 15.6 inch


Another good gift item, the laptop skin (of up to 15.6 inches) looks quirky and fun. It is easy to install and remove and does not leave any residue or gum whatsoever. It is durable, waterproof, dustproof and anti-scratch. Made from eco-friendly inks, this laptop skin is designed to give one’s laptop a customised and more personal look.


MRP: 599.00

Deal of the day: 279.00


5. boAt Xtend Smartwatch


This 1.69 inches smartwatch, with big square colour LCD display, comes with a round dial and offers a capacitive touch experience. The built-in Alexa voice assistant allows you to set reminders, alarms, take notes and more. It can also keep a check on one’s overall health by monitoring oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep cycle and more.


MRP: 7,990.00

Deal of the day: 2,999.00 


6. HDLiang Mini Printer


This mini printer can be connected to device via bluetooth and USB. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. It supports wireless BT 4.0 connection. The mini printer offers myriad fonts and themes to make one’s photos look stylish and fun. Equipped with advanced thermal printing technology, this pocket printer is eco-friendly and does not require ink cartridge. It can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR Code and so on.

MRP: 3,199.00
Deal of the day: 1,346.00

7. Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


This speaker can be operated with voice and even from a distance. One can use it as a standalone speaker and even connect with other devices with the help of bluetooth. The built-in Alexa can control your smart phone, play the music you want, pay one’s bills, get news and weather updates and more. 

MRP: 4,499.00
Deal of the day: 1,000.00

8. boAt Rockerz 375 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones


These earphones are the best bet for gamers – they eliminate any distraction during gaming sessions as their quick switch beast mode offers low latency infused with spatial 3D audio. They come with a 10-hour playtime after just 10 minute of charging. They are equipped with Bluetooth v5.1 technology and smart voice assistant.

MRP: 3,990.00
Deal of the day: 1,499.00

9. JOKIN 3 in 1 Portable USB Type-C Wireless PowerBank Travel Charger


This travel charger, with 6700mAH lithium-polymer battery, comes with dual USB output and one USB-C port. It comes in a compact and pocket-friendly size, which means you can charge your devices on the move. The battery power is stored in long dormant technology. 

MRP: 4,999.00
Deal of the day: 1,499.00

10. Amtidy U99 UV Sanitizer for Smartphone


This utility gadget does not use liquid, heat or chemical substances for sanitizing items. Therefore, it can safely disinfect your mask, smartphone, glasses keys and other tools in just five minutes. The ultraviolet light can even eliminate microorganisms found in the gap. It comes with a built-in charging port and, therefore, can charge and sanitize the device at the same time. It is certified and also safe to use.

MRP: 4,399.00
Deal of the day: 1,999.00

Prices at a glance

 Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0 Multimedia Speaker   699.00
 Logitech H111 Wired Headset   745.00
 Zebronics Zeb Wonderbar 10 USB Powered 2.0 Computer Speaker   881.00
 FineArts Full Panel Laptop Skins Upto 15.6 inch   279.00
 boAt Xtend Smartwatch   2,999
 HDLiang Mini Printer   1,346.00
 Echo Dot (3rd Gen)   1,000.00
 boAt Rockerz 375 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones 1,499.00
 JOKIN 3 in 1 Portable USB Type-C Wireless PowerBank Travel Charger   1,499.00
 Amtidy U99 UV Sanitizer for Smartphone   1,999.00

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