10 Classic Super Nintendo Games Still Missing From Switch Online

With almost fifty Super NES games now available to play on Nintendo Switch Online, the library is starting to look reasonably full, and there are plenty of choices available for anyone wanting to explore some of what the console had to offer. From hugely popular titles like Super Mario World to more obscure titles like Spanky’s Quest that hardly anyone could have predicted would be added to the list, the library has some variety now.

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However, there are still many classic and nostalgic Super Nintendo games that have still not been included, including some huge names that shouldn’t be forgotten. Whilst licensing issues may be the reason behind some of these absences, especially with Square Enix’s legendary RPGs, there are some games that shouldn’t be counted out.


Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders

While the Switch Online library has plenty of side-scrolling action, the incredibly enjoyable run-and-gun gameplay style of Sunset Riders makes it stand out. Set in a western environment with all the fashion, absurd hats, and cool music to match, this game doesn’t have many rivals for pure unadulterated fun.

The story isn’t much, with the player being tossed into the action with a wanted poster and a shotgun, expected to make their way to the boss while shooting at a variety of wacky enemies and avoiding their attacks. Sunset Riders would be an extremely fun addition to Switch online.

Harvest Moon

Title art for Nintendo's Harvest Moon

The first game in the Story of Seasons franchise that is still going today, Harvest Moon is a beautiful farming-based RPG that uses its story and relaxed gameplay style to convince even the biggest skeptic to end up enjoying a farming simulator. The game is also very pretty and holds up surprisingly well.

While Stardew Valley has raised the bar for what a 2D 16-bit farming game can be, getting a lot of stuff right that Harvest Moon didn’t, Harvest Moon is still well worth revisiting. Among some of the other more traditional RPGs already in the Switch Online library, Harvest Moon would be a welcome change of pace.

Earthworm Jim

The cover art of Earthworm Jim for Super Nintendo

One of the most memorable games from the Super Nintendo, Earthworm Jim is an extremely fun platforming run-and-gun game that blends a nice variety of gameplay with a sharp sense of humor. The game is full of jokes and makes good use of its ridiculous protagonist, whilst the gameplay is consistently engaging.

The titular character of Earthworm Jim is iconic in his own right, even being suggested as a possible quirky pick for the final Super Smash Bros. character. The game has had a remaster in the form of a handheld release but, as a slightly lesser-known icon of the Super Nintendo era, it’s a shame to not see Earthworm Jim in the Switch Online library.



ActRaiser is one of the coolest and most interesting games for the SNES, featuring gods as characters and bosses as well as a fun split-gameplay style. The game’s main content is in the form of side-scrolling platforming action, taking on enemies and thrilling bosses, but there are also city-building sections where the player is able to take the role of god and create a world as they like.

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With ActRaiser Renaissance (a well-made remake of the classic game) releasing earlier this year, now would be the perfect time to make the original available to revisit on the Switch Online Super Nintendo library.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time

A screenshot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Super Nintendo

A sequel to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game that was brought to the SNES with a nice amount of extra content, and Turtles in Time is a surprisingly good cartoony beat-em-up game. As the title suggests, the ninja turtles have been sent into a time warp by Shredder and the player must fight his evil forces in the past and future to overcome the villain.

Along with the fun plot, the gameplay is engaging, with enough variety and moves to keep things interesting. Although the presence of the turtles may present a licensing issue on its own, it would be awesome if the game was brought to Nintendo Switch, as it is not a title players want to miss.


earthbound snes

One of the most interesting RPGs for the Super Nintendo, Earthbound is one of those games that defined the console. Whilst it didn’t receive widespread popularity in America in the wake of its release, Earthbound has since come to be known as an original and unique title that holds up well, and there have been calls for other early games in the Mother series to have official localizations.

The game has an engaging plot, the gameplay is fun enough to keep the player interested, and the cartoony style is charming in comparison to similar RPGs of the time. Earthbound was featured on the SNES Classic so it would be great to see it in the Switch Online collection too.

Super Castlevania IV

Screenshot from the SNES video game Super Castlevania IV.

It goes without saying that Castlevania is an iconic series and that Super Castlevania IV for the SNES played a huge part of this. The game developed on the earlier titles in the series, keeping the side-scrolling platforming gameplay and the effortlessly cool style, but polishing the gameplay and making important additions, such as the whip Simon uses.

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One of the best games on the SNES, it possesses a unique atmosphere that is hard to find outside of the Castlevania games, especially from games of the same era. A game of the quality of Super Castlevania IV deserves to be available on Switch Online.

Super Bomberman 2

The opening screen of Super Bomberman 2 on Super Nintendo

The early Bomberman games are always excellent fun, and Super Bomberman 2 especially is a game worth experiencing for players who have enjoyed more recent titles in the series. The graphics of Super Bomberman 2 are charming and the music is lively and upbeat, making for an enjoyable, arcade-style experience.

The game sadly doesn’t feature a 2-player story mode like other Bomberman games, but the single-player mode is fun enough on its own to appeal to most players. The more recent Bomberman releases might make it less likely to see any Bomberman games in the Switch Online library anytime soon, but they would make for a fun addition to the selection.

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

Cover art for Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars for Super Nintendo

The final Mario game published for the SNES and also one of the best RPGs of the era, Super Mario RPG brought a ton of unique music and characters to the Mario franchise whilst also managing to keep the distinctive feel of a Mario game. The game is also surprisingly modern, with effective 3D-rendered graphics which were a rarity for SNES games that make the game stand out.

Super Mario RPG has a great sense of humor and some good features (such as no random enemy encounters) which make it feel fresh even now. Sadly, since Square developed the game and none of the other classic Square RPGs have been added to Switch Online, it might be doubtful that the game gets added anytime soon. However, as a classic Mario game, it would be sad not to have Super Mario RPG in the lineup.

E.V.O.: Search For Eden

EVO Search for Eden

E.V.O.: Search for Eden is a game with a unique concept, as the player starts as a fish and progresses through different eras of time, slowly gaining the strength to evolve into more complex creatures. The game has decent platforming and side-scrolling sections as the player picks up the experience needed to evolve and move onto the next stage, and the ending story is interesting.

The gameplay can get repetitive over time, but Search for Eden is a game more than worth playing even for players who don’t have any nostalgia for the title. As the game is often overlooked when it comes to classic SNES titles, it would be great if the game was added to the Switch Online library so more people could experience the title for themselves.

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