8 Games With The Most Achievements In Xbox History

Xbox achievements are an ideal function as they provide you one thing to do after beating a recreation’s fundamental story or marketing campaign. Within the early days of Xbox, builders tended to offer you a balanced record of achievements that extended your expertise with out going overboard.

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Since then, many video games have gone overboard with what number of achievements they ask you to finish. Issues like DLC, dwell service titles, and recreation collections have created this example. In fact, not each recreation is responsible of together with too many achievements, however the next titles definitely are. In truth, they include essentially the most in Xbox historical past.


8 Uncommon Replay – 200

Sport collections typically have numerous achievements since they should embody some for each title. That is the case for Uncommon Replay, which accommodates 30 totally different video games, from Jetpac to Banjo-Kazooie to Conker’s Unhealthy Fur Day.

Naturally, the achievements differ closely in fashion as most are tied to particular video games. That being mentioned, among the titles have comparable ones that process you with beating ranges or gaining factors. Should you get all 200 achievements that the bundle has to supply, you acquire 4,000 Gamerscore.

7 Lifeless By Daylight – 202

Lifeless By Daylight is a recreation that’s regularly up to date by using DLC, often so as to add to its ever-growing roster of killers. With a lot of the updates come some further achievements to make the most of the sport’s new parts.

As an illustration, the Resident Evil Venture W replace comes with the Adept Ada and Adept Rebecca achievements, which process you with escaping as these characters whereas solely utilizing three perks. The bottom recreation wasn’t mild on achievements both, because it launched with 61 of them. However now it has 202 of them value 3,810 gamerscore.

6 Sea Of Thieves – 216

The multiplayer recreation, Sea Of Thieves, permits you free reign to dwell your pirate dream. And when you’re crusing the open sea, there are 216 achievements to earn. This massive quantity is because of the truth that the sport has had many DLCs because it launched in 2018, which have added 156 achievements to the 60 the sport initially included.

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Getting all of them takes some time, as a few of them process you with doing issues many occasions. For instance, one asks you to finish 250 Gold Hoarder Voyages. On the plus facet, among the achievement descriptions rhyme, which is a enjoyable little element.

5 Elite: Harmful – 225

Elite Harmful is an open-world dwell service recreation that means that you can fly round house. When the sport launched on Xbox, it had 43 achievements. That was a few years in the past now, although. Since then, there was a big variety of updates to the title, which have added an additional 182 achievements.

So, it is very taxing to earn each certainly one of them, particularly as lots of them aren’t fast to attain. Achievements like A True Champ (win 250 CQC matches) and Tremendous Market Sweep (promote at 500 totally different markets) will take a very long time to get on their very own, by no means thoughts additionally getting the remaining.

4 Smite – 308

Should you’re somebody who enjoys MOBAs and likes video games the place you management gods, then Smite is likely to be for you. Nevertheless, should you additionally recognize titles the place it is easy to earn all of the achievements, then it won’t be for you. It is because there are 308 achievements on this title.

There are such a lot of of them due to the sport’s litany of expansions, which have added a bunch of achievements to the title. Numerous the DLC ones revolve round utilizing the characters from the expansions. As for the bottom recreation achievements, lots of them are cumulative ones the place you must do one thing a bunch of occasions.

3 Prepare Sim World 2 – 431

A practice simulator recreation might be not a title you anticipate to include many achievements. However Prepare Sim World 2 has 431 of them so that you can earn. The sport solely launched with 34 of them. The opposite 397 had been added with DLC.

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A lot of the base recreation achievements need you to journey sure distances, full eventualities, go up ranges, and earn medals. The expansions have comparable varieties, with the addition of some extra inventive ones. So, they’re all easy in idea, nevertheless it’s time-consuming to accumulate 431 of the issues.

2 Killer Intuition – 464

Killer Intuition is a dwell service preventing recreation that’s good for these new to the style. But, it is not good for rookie achievement hunters, as there are 464 of them to unlock. In equity, you’d anticipate a recreation that has had a number of seasons of content material to have a deep achievement record.

Nevertheless, the expansions aren’t completely accountable, as the sport launched with 94 achievements, which is already so much. Most of them revolve round profitable fights, finishing challenges, and doing trials. It could take some severe time to get all of them, however you’d obtain 4,935 gamerscore to your troubles.

1 Halo: The Grasp Chief Assortment – 700

The bottom Grasp Chief Assortment accommodates the entire titular hero’s biggest adventures, which happen in Halo: Fight Advanced, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Then Halo 3: ODST and Halo Attain had been added in DLC. So, this title has six full video games value of content material.

Subsequently, a excessive variety of achievements is anticipated. Even so, 700 of them continues to be somewhat extreme. The achievement record consists of issues like beating missions, discovering collectibles, beating par occasions, and doing a bunch of little challenges. Anybody who places the time in to get all of them could have gained 7,000 gamerscore.

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