A few simple methods to protect your laptop from overheating

Image source: FILE A few simple methods to protect your laptop from overheating

After using your laptop for a while, you might have seen random blue screens, slowdowns, or reboots. There are several possible causes for this, but overheating your laptop is definitely one of them. As laptops have become more portable, smaller, and slimmer, components are now neatly integrated into small cases. There won’t be much room for airflow. A laptop that is not maintained and cleaned regularly will overheat. It can even lead to hardware failure if ignored. We’ve compiled a list of quick fixes to keep your laptop from overheating.

Only use your laptop on level surfaces

Most laptops have air vents on the sides or bottom. Your laptop will overheat if you leave it on a flat or uneven surface for a long time, e.g. B. on a pillow, bed or your lap. When you use your laptop in this way, you can feel it getting warm. To make sure none of the vents are blocked, it’s best to lift the laptop with a book or a plate to avoid this.

Purchase a laptop cooling pad

Use a laptop cooling pad and a ceiling or table fan if the room is not air conditioned. Fans built into laptop cooling pads help circulate cold air and keep your laptop cool at all times. The laptop cooler helps cool the device from the bottom up and lowers component temperatures. It offers a short-term solution to the problem, but more needs to be done.

Keep the vents clean

If you’ve used your laptop for a while, you probably know how much dust has accumulated near the fans and vents. This limits airflow and reduces cooling. In addition to a laptop cooler, use an air blower or vacuum to remove the dust.

Check the temperature of your laptop.

Temperature checking programs include Real Temp, GPU-Z, Speccy, HWMonitor, and Core Temp. They can all be used to monitor your laptop’s temperature and are all free. Make sure the GPU is operating at no more than 65°C for the processor and no more than 80°C for the GPU on your laptop.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Can overheating cause a laptop fire?

Lithium batteries are found in laptops, mobile phones and tablets. These batteries heat up quickly and can accumulate heat, which can result in a fire.

2. What should be considered when buying a cooling pad?

Body composition, fan control option and USB hubs / output ports should be present in your cooling pad to avoid overheating.

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