All the Games Coming and Leaving in November 2021

Xbox Game Pass has been a huge focus for Microsoft when it comes this latest console generation, and that focus isn’t stopping anytime soon. Microsoft is making sure that there is plenty of content for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to check out this month, with plenty of new titles already confirmed to be coming to the service in November 2021.

Microsoft has also revealed a handful of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass in November 2021 as well, and so there’s a lot that subscribers need to keep in mind when decided what Game Pass games they’ll be playing this month.

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Here are all the games coming and leaving Xbox Game Pass for November 2021 so far. Please keep in mind that this is not a fully comprehensive list as another batch of games will likely be revealed in the second half of the month.

Xbox Game Pass New Games for November 2021


  • Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition (PC) – November 2
  • Unpacking (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 2
  • It Takes Two (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 4 – EA Play/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Kill It With Fire (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 4
  • Football Manager 2022 (PC) – November 9
  • Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 9
  • Forza Horizon 5 (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 9
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (Console) – November 11
  • One Step from Eden (Console and PC) – November 11
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition – November 18
  • UnDungeon – November 18
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination – November 30

Microsoft has officially named nine games that will make up the new Xbox Game Pass additions for November 2021, but previous announcements have clued fans into what else they can expect from the month. Some of these new Xbox Game Pass games for November 2021 have already been added at the time of this writing, with Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition now available to Game Pass for PC users and Unpacking available to all Game Pass players as of November 2.

Minecraft speaks for itself, though Unpacking may not be quite as well known. A day one Xbox Game Pass game, Unpacking has proven to be a surprise hit on the indie scene, with many players coming away impressed by how it uses simple puzzle solving mechanics to craft an emotional narrative. There have been some negative Unpacking reviews focused on its short length, but it being a free game to play through Xbox Game Pass should negate that criticism.

Then November 4 saw the addition of two more games to the Xbox Game Pass lineup in the form of first-person action game Kill It With Fire and co-op adventure It Takes Two. The catch with It Takes Two is that it is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as it’s coming to the service through EA Play. All EA Play games are available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, and since Game Pass Ultimate also comes with Xbox Live Gold, it’s really the tier that the vast majority of Xbox gamers should sign up for if they really want to get their money’s worth anyway.

Forza Horizon 5 Bronco Rain

There’s plenty more for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to look forward to later in November as well. As far as Microsoft’s official list goes, the PC and Xbox versions of Football Manager 2022 are on deck, as is the highly-anticipated Forza Horizon 5. Forza Horizon 5 is the highest-rated game of 2021 so far, earning widespread critical acclaim and so it should make for an incredibly solid addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup. Xbox Game Pass subscribers only have to wait until November 9 to see what all the fuss is about.

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November 11 will be another big day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as they have three games to look forward to, all day one releases. This includes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition, the remastered version of the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from Rockstar Games with revamped graphics and controls, as well as the indie game One Step from Eden. And while Microsoft didn’t include it in its official lineup for some reason, Game Pass subscribers also have the next-gen version of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim to look forward to on November 11 as well.

While the next-gen version of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is going to be free through Xbox Game Pass, it’s recently been confirmed that the Anniversary Edition content will not be free to Game Pass users. This is a rather strange decision since Xbox outright said that part of the reason why it acquired Bethesda was to get content for Game Pass, but in any case, Xbox Game Pass Skyrim players will need to fork over an extra $20 if they want to experience the Anniversary Edition content.

Sometime after GTA and next-gen Skyrim come to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft will pull the curtain back on its Xbox Game Pass plans for the second half of November, whatever they may entail. But while the full lineup has yet to be revealed, past announcements have given fans a pretty good idea of what to expect. For example, November 18 will see the addition of Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition to Game Pass, as well as UnDungeon. And then November will cap off with the addition of the console version of Evil Genius 2: World Domination, so even without knowing the full lineup, there’s already a lot for Game Pass subscribers to look forward to in the second half of the month.

Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving November 2021

final fantasy 8 squall

  • Final Fantasy 8 HD (Console and PC) – November 15
  • Planet Coaster (Cloud and Console) – November 15
  • Star Renegades (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 15
  • Streets of Rogue (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 15
  • The Gardens Between (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 15
  • River City Girls (Cloud/Console/PC) – November 15

While Microsoft adds many more Xbox Game Pass games than it takes away, it still removes games from the service from time to time. The next time that Xbox Game Pass games are being removed is November 15, at which point Microsoft will be pulling six titles. Needless to say, anyone interested in playing through these games while they’re still free to play through Xbox Game Pass may want to make it a point to do so as soon as possible.

Out of all the games leaving Xbox Game Pass on November 15, two stand out as particularly notable. The first is Final Fantasy 8 HD, the remastered version of the classic PS1-era JRPG. This version of Final Fantasy 8 features upscaled graphics so the game looks better on modern televisions, plus it has a wide variety of quality of life improvements that let players truly tailor the experience to their liking.

The other game that Xbox Game Pass subscribers may want to prioritize before it’s gone is Planet Coaster. A RollerCoaster Tycoon-style theme park management game, Planet Coaster earned strong reviews when it first launched in 2016, and is in fact the highest-rated Xbox Game Pass game that’s being removed on November 15.

Later in the month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect other games to get the boot as well, though Microsoft likely won’t reveal them until sometime after the 15th. The other games being removed from Xbox Game Pass in November 2021 will almost certainly be removed from the service on November 30, though more specific details aren’t unavailable at the time of this writing.

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