android 10: This is the most popular Android version on smartphones

It’s been a while since Google actually shared the Android adoption numbers on smartphone across the world. Compared to iOS, Android numbers were always lagging behind as updates were rather slow. However, things seem to have changed now. According to a report by Android Police, Google has shared Android distribution numbers.
As per the report, it’s Android 10, which is the most popular OS version on smartphones. The report says that 26.5% of Android phones have Android 10 running. Notably, Android 10 was launched in 2019 and still remains popular on a quarter of smartphones. Android 11 came in second with about 24.2% of devices running the version. Android 12, which is the latest release by Google, doesn’t figure on the list as of now as not many smartphone makers have made it official on their devices.

Older Android versions still remain quite popular on devices. Android 9 Pie is on 18.2% of devices whereas Android 8 Oreo is on 13.7% of devices. Looking at the numbers, a lot of older versions of Android seem to be still on many phones. For instance, the 2018 version of Android — Pie — is on 18.2% of phones whereas Android 8 Oreo is on 13.7% of smartphones.
Google’s latest Android 12 version has been rolled out on Pixel phones. Brands like Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo all have laid out a roadmap of when their smartphones will get Android 12.
Android 12 comes with various new design and privacy features. The latest version of the operating system is designed to offer a new personalised look with ‘Material You’. The Material You designed enables users to go a little deeper and tweak the look of their smartphone home screen as per their liking. The tool allows users to coordinate the colours that can extend across app icons, widgets and more.

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