Android 12 (Go Edition) Will Make Your Cheap Phone Faster


Android 12 (Go Edition) is coming soon and Google announced a bunch of new features coming to the mobile OS, which is specifically targeted towards affordable Android devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

The biggest changes to Android 12 (Go Edition) are under-the-hood, as Google revealed that applications will launch faster. According to Google, “Apps on your Android 12 (Go edition) device will launch up to 30% faster and with smoother animation.”

Phones running the latest version will get better life while using less memory thanks to a feature that hibernates apps that haven’t been used for extended periods of time.

There are some other new features coming to Android 12 (Go Edition) such as a change to the recent apps screen that will let you see options to listen to the news and translate content into your preferred language.

You can share apps using Nearby Share and Google Play, which could save some data. And if you share your phone, you’ll be able to quickly switch to a guest profile so your data will stay private.

Google said that Android 12 (Go Edition) will arrive in 2022, though the company didn’t get more specific. Additionally, it didn’t specify which phones would be eligible to upgrade to Android 12 (Go Edition), so we’ll have to wait until closer to release to find out exactly which phones will be able to upgrade.

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