Apple Logo On The Back Of Your iPhone Is A Secret Button: How To Use It

The highly-revered Apple logo situated at the back of your iPhones actually has a hidden superpower. Turns out, you can use the the Apple logo to execute a few basic tasks on your iPhone devices.

Reported first by the Daily Record, the “Back Tap” feature was introduced in iOS 14, the pilot version of which was unveiled in September last year. By tapping the back of your iPhone screens twice or thrice, the Apple logo can be used as a button (kind of) to perform actions allocated by the user in settings.

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The Apple logo may be used to perform a variety of basic functions using “Back Tap” – controlling the volume of your iPhone, taking screenshots, going back to the home screen, or simple to switch between different apps running on your iPhone.

What all can you do using Back Tap on iPhones?

There’s more customisation on the cards for users who have found the “Back Tap” feature. You can define what you want your phone to do with a double or triple tap. You can quickly draw Accessibility Shortcuts to access features like Magnifier, Voice Over, Assistive Touch, Siri Shortcuts, and Reachability.

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If you have an iPhone 8 and a device that was released after it, you may use the feature. Of course, you need to have an updated OS to be able to access “Back Tap.”

Turning on “Back Tap” is very simple. Quickly head over to Settings >> Accessibility >> Touch >> Back Tap 

Once you’re here, there will be options to customise tap based on double or triple touch… or both!

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For those who are constantly on their iPhones for work purposes, this feature may help save a lot of time. Beware though, if your iPhone’s back cover is very thick, the feature may not work as expected.

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Did you know about “Back Tap” on iPhones? If you tried to use the feature after reading it here, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below. As always, for more in the world of technology and science, continue reading  


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