It’s one of those age old debates such as ‘Sega versus Nintendo’ or ‘Marvel Comics versus DC’ and it’s something that has people divided down the middle – and it can get pretty ugly. People who have PCs tend to love their Windows touting devices and view Apple users often with disdain, while the same can also be said of the way Apple users often view PC owners. In fact in some cases this fan-boyism can approach a kind of religious fanaticism and if you have ever borne witness to a forum discussion about which is better then you’ll know this is a subject that can get pretty ugly.

But putting that zealous jingoism to one side for just a moment, what are the real pros and cons of choosing to go with either a PC or a Mac? Here we will look at some of the key witnesses in making that decision.

OS X Versus Windows

First of all, let’s look at the differences in operating systems. For the non-computer literate among you, an operating system is the piece of software that runs and organizes everything – in other words Windows or the Windows equivalent on that device which is OS X for Apple.

So which is the better of the two? Well that really depends on what you want to do. For people who aren’t quite as fluent in using computers, OS X is often going to be the best in many regards. Not only is OS X quicker to load and shut down, but it will take up less space on your system, use less power, be less prone to viruses and bugs and will hardly crash.

But that said OS X also comes with downsides which may be a bit too much for those who want their computer for business purposes or who are more advanced in their usage generally. For instance OS X is much less compatible with software and will be unable to run a lot of what you would want to use – partly because it hasn’t been around as long and partly because it’s still just not as popular. At the same time OS X is a lot less customizable and a lot less free and open meaning you can’t edit as much of it as you might like or get in and see the system files – which can be frustrating.


When it comes to hardware a lot of people are very fond of Apple machines and see these as not only very desirable premium devices, but also as reliable. People want Apples because of the logo and because they know what they are getting and generally they are powerful and stylish.

However that said you could make the argument that the Apple is style over substance. In terms of power you will tend to pay a lot more for an Apple to get the same specs as you would on a PC more cheaply. If you want your computer to play high end games, then choosing an Apple is a very expensive concept.

At the same time Apple products are again restrictive by design in some regards – for instance not providing you with an SD slot for memory cards which is a pain if you have a digital camera and again not being compatible with as many external devices.

Of course Apples are also a lot less varied and versatile because you’re limiting yourself to one manufacturer, whereas when you buy a PC you can choose from many different brands and designs and there’s a world of difference between HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Sony etc etc. This means you can choose the computer that more perfectly suits you, but by the same token there is less guarantee of a quality product so it’s important to read reviews.

About the author: Mike Johnson is a tech enthusiast providing all the news and updates from the world of technology. His latest updates include Microsoft’s OS .

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