Apple RAISES the prices of these two devices in India! Check all details

Apple raises the price of two gadgets in India after launching HomePod 2nd Gen in India. All details here.

Apple has increased the price of two gadgets in India shortly after releasing three new updated versions of its existing devices. The company just announced updated versions of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The new Mac Mini also comes with the M2 chip and the M2 Pro chip. The HomePod also returned with new internals and an inflated price tag. These launches also impacted the price of the existing HomePod Mini as well as the 24-inch iMac.

After the price update, the full lineup is here for now. The HomePod Mini used to cost Rs. 9900 earlier and a price increase of Rs. 1000 has increased the price to Rs. 10900. The smart speaker is available in the same colors as before.

Similarly, the 24-inch iMac using the M1 chip has seen a price increase of Rs. 10000. The basic version with 7-core GPU and 256GB memory is available at a price of Rs. 129,900. The 24-inch iMac with 8-core GPU and 256GB storage is now priced at Rs. 1,49,900. The top-end 512GB storage version also sees a price increase from Rs. 1,59,900 to Rs. 1,69,900.

Apple increases the price of HomePod Mini and iMac

The HomePod Mini is still Apple’s most affordable smart speaker, running with Apple’s Siri voice assistant. The latest beta update called HomePod Software 16.3 enables the hidden temperature and humidity sensor. This not only provides readings for the ambient temperature, but also helps with the automation functions. Note that the HomePod 2nd Gen comes at a price of Rs. 32900

The 24-inch iMac, on the other hand, is the cheapest desktop Mac you can buy today. The system has not been updated since its launch in 2021 and is still running on the last generation M1 chip. The system offers a 24-inch display with 4.5k resolution and 500 nits of peak brightness. The system also comes with a FaceTime HD camera and a quad-microphone setup. You also get a color-coordinated keyboard and the Apple Mouse.

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