Are Nintendo games just for kids? Explained

When you’re talking to someone who loves to have discussions about the console war, a common insult they throw at Nintendo is something like “This is just for kids.” But how much truth is in this comment? Should someone over ten feel discouraged for liking their Nintendo games? Of course not. Here’s an explanation of how the Nintendo games are for kids. The argument is completely unfounded.

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Why Nintendo games aren’t just for kids

While PlayStation and Xbox always fight to be the hottest home console out there, Nintendo has largely been doing its own thing since the days of the Wii. But even before that, there was this stigma around Nintendo’s games that they were just for kids, which is a weird way of belittling someone for buying a game console. We do not believe this is the case.

While Nintendo places a strong emphasis on creating family-friendly games, that doesn’t mean adults can’t have great fun with what’s available. Every Mario and Zelda game is designed with the sole intention of being a fun adventure. If you’re looking for a challenge, try tackling some of the harder content in these games, like Darker Side of the Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. The first time you play Breath of the Wild can be a very challenging survival experience until you get your bearings.

Of course, there are many Nintendo games that don’t have much of a challenge at all, making them a no-brainer. Kirby is most notorious for this, but just because a game’s difficulty doesn’t make you want to break your controller doesn’t mean it’s for kids. Many people enjoy the Pok√©mon games because they love catching their favorite creatures. Metroid fans love the dark atmosphere of Samus’ adventures. How many battles were started after hitting your friend with a blue shell in Mario Kart or stealing a star in Mario Party?

The fun of the game does not necessarily depend on how challenging a game is or how intricate the story continues. How fun it is to use certain mechanics is a great foundation on which to build a game, and sometimes you end up with one of the best games ever made from it. Of course, there are times when Nintendo dips its toes into more mature content, like with Bayonetta, No More Heroes and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, but there’s no shame in enjoying one of their more colorful entries.

Nintendo games don’t always have the best story, and sometimes they can be a bit too simple to the point of losing their entertainment value, but the same goes for PlayStation and Xbox when they have their stumbling blocks. When reliving some of the best gaming memories of your life with a new game in one of the many iconic franchises they have, a Nintendo console like the Switch is one of the best places to play video games. When Nintendo gets it right, it brings out some of the best video games for people of all ages, not just kids. If you turn away because children can play it too, you’re only missing out on great games.

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