BharOS, a Native Mobile Operating System, Makes Its Way in India: Everything You Need to Know

BharOS, a native mobile operating system developed by IIT Madras, is making its way in India. This system is believed to benefit more than 100 million smartphone users in the country by providing them with a secure system. The biggest question now is whether BharOS can become a strong rival to Google’s Android. Here are some details about BharOS.

The BharOS is an Android Open Source Project based operating system developed by JandK Operations Private Limited. The JandKops is a non-profit organization founded at IIT Madras. Technically, the BharOS is quite similar to the Android OS. However, the main difference between the two operating systems is that BharOS does not come with Google services. It will be a separate operating system that will allow users to install apps based on their interests.

Until now it is not clear how an individual could replace a pre-installed operating system with BharOS. There is also no information on how long the operating system will receive software and security updates. Interestingly, the current version of BharOS includes third-party apps like DuckDuckGo and Signal as the default browser and messaging applications. Furthermore, it is also unclear whether the team that developed BharOS will work with the OEM to bring the BharOS supported smartphones to market.

The makers of BharOS have not given any information on when the operating system will be available for download as of now. In order for the BharOS to run smoothly on all Android smartphones, the makers of the operating system have to optimize it for each cell phone model.

So far, there are no details about the smartphones that would support BharOS. However, the company is expected to work with some Android OEMs to develop smartphones running BharOS in the near future. The operating system is said to be compatible with Google Pixel devices, but the manufacturers of the system have not confirmed the exact device models that support BharOS.

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