Boris Johnson: India, UK can help shape new tech age based on freedom, openness, peace

India and the UK can help shape a new technology age based on the principles of freedom and openness and peace, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

“Over the coming decade we will continue to deepen our bonds on technology and in other areas as we set out in the 2030 India-UK road map,” Johnson said virtually delivering his special address at the Global Technology Summit jointly organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and Carnegie India.

India and the UK are natural partners with their shared culture and innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit, Johnson said.

He pointed out that the two countries were already working together on many projects ranging from the UK-India partnership on 5 G and telecom to the UK startups who are working with Indian giants such as Tata and Godrej on the green technology that will help power both countries to net zero. “…working side by side, we will not only make the breakthroughs that will transform and liberate people’s lives, but we will help shape a new technology age based on the principles of freedom and openness and peace,” the British PM said.

The summit is a three-day hybrid event on geo technology based on the theme `global meets local. Discussions on issues such as cryptocurrencies, encryption, vaccine supply chains, cloud computing, green technology, digital payments and cyber security, will take place over 50 sessions with more than 100 speakers, on December 14-16.

Johnson said that he was pleased when earlier this year he and Indian PM Narendra Modi agreed that the two countries should work closer than ever before on technology and rules that will help to shape the coming age. “It is India, the land of the mathematical genius, Srinivasa, Ramanujan, that is powering ahead with new technology and where there is so much brilliant talent,” he said.

UK is turbo charging its plans for positioning Britain as a science and tech super power. “We are already a world beating tech hub attracting more investments than anywhere else in Europe and we are only one in three countries worldwide with more than 100 unicorns,” he said. The other two are the US and China.

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