The Canon EOS 600D is a proper photographers’ camera; well put together and well thought through. There are shortcut buttons allowing you to access all the important features without delving into the menu system, although that too is exceedingly well-organised.

Like the Nikon D5100, Sony Alpha 55 and Panasonic G3, the 600D has an articulating three-inch LCD, but the EOS 600D’s resolution is by far the best, with plenty of detail and magnified views to help with manual focusing. An extra addition is a pop-up Hash that also acts as a wireless control for any external flashgun, including the Canon Speed lite 320EX.

Still image quality is best on test, with plenty of detail being recorded by the big, 18-megapixel sensor. The Nikon D5100’s pictures have a greater dynamic range, but the EOS 600D’s deliver more punch. The ISO range also goes all the way up to 12,800. On the whole noise is very effectively kept at bay, but you will begin to notice the beginnings of speckling at around ISO 800.

Video quality is also very high, but movies taken using the AF system arc let down by the jerky action and noisy operation of the kit lens. This seems to be a recurring problem on this test, but stick to using the manual focus and the results are second to none on test.

Canon’s video snapshot mode, which enables two, four or eight second snippets of footage to be recorded and stitched together automatically in-camera, is a bonus that makes for snappier videos.

Advanced users will love that they can control the shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity even when shooting video. In short; the 600D is a class act for stills and video.

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Canon EOS 600D

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