When it comes to creating top notch devices offering a hard-hitting competition, Canon is definitely one of industry’s front-runners. The Canon EOS 7D DLSR simply reinforces this belief. It comes with a completely novel design and facilities to meet the demands of the photographers and assures that those who use it won’t be disappointed.

Though it seems huge and heavy, it brings a sense of comfort to the user by its new 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 processors, ISO range expandable to 12800, continuous shooting at 8 fps and full HD video recording. It also comprises of a new viewfinder with 1.0 * magnification and 100% coverage and a 3 inch LCD with 920k dot resolution. This camera therefore with unparalleled technology and intuitive build combined defines a unique photographic experience.

The quality of images captured with the 7D is undeniable. Its aim is to produce images far above the quality of its competitors and the Canon EOS 7D lives up to our expectations. Its 19-point cross type sensor assists photographers in achieving accurate shots and optimizing composition options. The improved AF system comprises of a wide range of manual and automatic settings that help the photographer to track and capture subjects quickly and accurately.

Photographers who are into the creation of images are benefitted hugely. For example it offers a wide ISO range that makes the camera both sensitive and fast. Whether used in low-light or high speed conditions, the 7D does its job well. Also, its Intelligent Viewfinder offers photographers 100 percent frame coverage allowing us to capture images exactly as we see them.

The 7D permits us to experiment creatively with light. Furnished with an Integrated Speedlite Transmitter, it is the ideal tool for those experimenting with creative lighting set-ups. Its broadly upgraded, built-in flash, including manual control, and wider flash coverage lets us cover focal lengths as widespread as 15 mm.

However the manual settings on the 7D may be intimidating. The menus aren’t too user friendly and for starters, it’s nerve-racking experience due to lack of familiarity with the terminology. It is truly a photographer’s tool and expects the photographer to tweak and adjust in return of its awesome facilities.

One of the only disadvantages is its price-tag. The 7D is not exactly what you would call cheap but it would be wrong to expect such a fabulous camera at an ordinary price. The other shortcoming is that only makes use of compact flash memory cards. Most believe that support for the smaller SD card range would have been more convenient.

Whatsoever this simply sublime camera seems to be conceived and designed with the photographer’s need in mind. It is to be precise – photography redefined!

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