The 200 series of Canon’s Powershot cameras has always impressed. The latest in the series is the Powershot SX230 HS. The looks of this camera have been worked upon but not so much that it does not conform to the 200 family tree. The camera has be¬come slimmer, but the pop-out flash is still in the original placing near the left index finger which makes holding the camera a bit awkward. Thankfully you can tuck it back in and turn off the flash from the settings.

The 230 HS flaunts a 3-inch screen with well-placed keys by its side. The slim form factor also hides an optical lens with a zoom power of 14X—a good option for people who like to take their shots from a distance.

Clicking pictures is lot of fun. The camera gives a lot of power to the users. The images are clear and sharp with mini¬mal digital noise. We do suggest keep¬ing the ISO under 400 to get the best results. Instead of yanking up the ISO in the dark, just turn the flash on, that will get you better results. Like its pre¬decessors this one also carries vari¬ous effects and filters.

These include fish-eye, super vivid and monochrome. It also has GPS for gee-tagging your photos. All in all, another good camera from Canon.

Verdict: Like to push the limits? You can get more out of this compact camera.

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