Change these security settings to keep your Apple iPhone HIDDEN; know how to

Some of the iPhone data can be accessed even without unlocking the device. Know these iPhone security settings that will keep everything hidden.

Apple iPhones come with good security features like Face ID or Touch ID. However, you just can’t neglect taking further steps in order to keep your iPhone hidden from prying eyes. You have to go to iPhone security settings and set up the mobile properly. From Gmail account, your Facebook page, and your browser, depending on just Face ID or Touch ID is not enough. Though Face ID prevents the iPhone from being accessed by anyone else, some apps can still be accessed by others without even unlocking it. For example, one can reply to a message from your locked screen without ever unlocking the phone.

Therefore, iPhone users must change these security settings in order to secure their device. Here’s how to hide your device’s apps/data from prying eyes.

Don’t show notification on the lock screen

Many iPhone users lock/unlock their phone through Face ID, but there are notifications that pop up even on the locked screen. This can be accessed by anyone. However, you can secure your data by fixing the settings in a manner that the iPhone does not reveal the contents of a notification or message on a locked phone and therefore keep the contents hidden.

Doing so will keep prying eyes from checking your incoming emails and messages.

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on Notifications

Step 2: Show Previews and pick either When Unlocked or Never.

Step 3: Now save the changes and your device is safe.

Limit activities on your locked iPhone or iPad

You can restrict the apps or activities from being shown up on the locked screen by turning them off. Here’s how you can complete securing your iPhone through these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to iPhone Settings

Step 2: Click on Face ID/Touch ID and Passcode

Step 3: Next, enter your passcode and then scroll down to the section named ‘Allow Access When Locked’.

Step 4: You’ll see a list of different device features, like Siri and Today View, Control Centre and Wallet etc.

Step 5: Now switch off each feature separately that you don’t want to pop up on the locked screen. Every feature with the switch on position can be accessed directly from the lock screen, without unlocking them.

Step 6: Now save the changes and exit. Your device is secure now.


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