Tablet devices are truly transformative and game changing gadgets. On the face of it they may seem like essentially ‘big phones that don’t do phonecalls’ (my original and sceptical reaction), but in reality they actually provide you with an incredible piece of technology that gives you instant access to a wealth of different applications or to any information you need and that can be used in an incredible variety of ways. Whether you want to lie it flat on the table so you can play a virtual piano, prop it up with its stand and watch the news, grasp it in one hand to read your favourite comic book, or hold it facing outwards to show your friends your new website design they really do give you a range of applications and functions right in your hand.

Really though you have to own one before you will understand just how useful tablets are, but before you can do that you’ll have to choose one. And with so many different tablet devices all vying for your attention this can be more than a little bit tricky. So how do you decide on the best tablet for you?

Well while there is no one tablet that’s better than all the rest, and while it’s a very personal and subjective question, there are certainly tablets that do specific jobs the best and if you can decide what you want your tablet for then this makes picking a lot easier. Here we will look at a few different categories and which is the best tablet for each.


When it comes to practicality the smaller devices are no doubt the best. 7’’ tablets just make a lot of sense by providing you with ample real estate for reading and watching films but still being easily sipped into a bag or even a pocket. Holding seven inch tablets is a joy and they real feel like a slim paper back novel in your hand. And when it comes to seven inch tablets I have to say that the Nexus 7 steals the show for being so light and so quick and easy to use thanks to its complete lack of bloatware.


I’m personally an Android fan but I will put my hands up and admit when I’m beaten. If you want the largest range of tablet optimized apps then an Apple device (the iPad or iPad Mini) is the best option for you thanks to the sheer popularity of their products.


If you want a tablet for work first and pleasure second then there’s no arguing with the Surface Tablet. It might not be the smoothest tablet out there or the most convenient to hold, but the combination of physical keyboard and Desktop environment sporting Microsoft office makes this the most productive tablet out there.

Art and Design

If you’re a designer then you will no doubt love the stylus on the note 10, while the basic multitasking and S-Pen apps make it great for jotting down ideas and feeling like a pro. Great for a different kind of productivity compared with the Surface.


If you just want a tablet that feels like your own and that will be a jack of all trades then you need to get an Android device so that you can set up your own launcher and your own widgets. Here again a Nexus is your best bet and that way you’ll get all the newest software updates first.

About the author: Sara Brown is the writer of this article. She works for Berkeley Sourcing Group. They provide manufacturing services to various small scale industries all over the world. They are well known for their silicone manufacturing service.

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