Most of the people consider either the Apple iPad or Android tablets as their status symbols. They purchase them from the market without looking at the product specifications because they are not much concerned about the technical specifications. People must know the basic differences between Android tablets and the Apple iPad because both are alike in many ways. They seem common due to their roughly similar names but they possess different specs and come from different manufacturers.

First of all, they can be differentiated on the basis of their operating system. Android tablet operates on Google’s popular Android OS whereas the iPad works on i-OS. Android tablets can be considered over the Apple iPad due to the availability of Flash. Flash Player is required to play online videos from various websites and video player is the basic feature of smart phones. Moreover, if people tend to download Flash Player in iPad later on, they must know that they cannot install it in the iPad. There is another big difference of multi-tasking. Until the launch of i-OS 4, there was no multi-tasking in i-Phones. It was introduced as a tweaked version because only some applications were compatible with it. If users tend to switch to other location, it will stop the running application.

Android tablets operate under true multi-tasking aspects where various applications keep on running in the background even if user is not using them. Also, there is no need to do coding which can make it easier for the manufacturers. The iPad can be considered over Android tablets when it comes to count the number of applications available. However, there are classic Android applications in Android tablets but still due to its fresh entry in the market, it possesses less applications.

People should not confuse themselves by considering both, Android tablet and the iPad as a single product. They should know that the Apple iPad is a single product whereas Android tablet represents an array of various products. Recently, new Apple iPad 2 has been launched in the marketplace and people are enthusiastic to know the new additions with certain advantages over Android tablet. Apple iPad represents a wide 9.7’’ screen with 4:3 IPS LCD display whereas Android tablets are available in 5’’ to 10’’ LCD screens depending upon the demand of the customers. All the Android tablets utilize Android browser for surfing internet while Apple i-Pad utilizes Mobile Safari for browsing. Both the brands acquire multi touching and E-book clientele.

When it comes to compare on the basis of processor, the Apple iPad utilizes 1GHz Apple A4 whereas Android tablets use various processors like Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon, MAYBE: ARM CortexTM-AB 600MHz, Nvidia Tegra 2(up to 1GHz) and many more. Moreover, the iPad has front facing VGA camera and Android phones have up to 2 Megapixel front-facing camera. There are no extra ports in iPad whereas Android tablets have HDMI, USB 2.0 ports in almost all the supported phones. Android tablets can be preferred over the iPad as they have 4G network supports and the iPad supports only 3G networks.

These are the certain key lines to find out the exact difference between the Apple iPad and Android tablets. People should properly make a search before putting their mind on any aforementioned purchasable products.


Comparison between Android Tablets and Apple iPad

  1. You can install iOS in your non Apple smartphone and tablet pc by custom rom update also. Both the Apple iOS and Android OS are best on their places. I have used both and found many similarities and both offers best flexibility. Also, Apps manufacturer creating similar apps for both the OS.

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