Health can often be a boring subject, so there is nothing like a fancy gadget to make the topic a little more interesting. In this new era of technology having its place in almost every area of our lives, it is not surprising that tech companies have released new and exciting ways to keep you and your family fighting fit. Check out these cool health gadgets that will help you to keep nice and healthy.

1. Zeo Sleep Management/Sleep101

Zeo Sleep Management is a gadget that comprises of a headband that transmits information on your sleeping patterns to your iPhone or other compatible device. The headband gauges a variety of information about how you move while in bed to determine which sleep stage you are in, and even if you are asleep at all. The information is then sent to your iPhone, which crunches the data and provides you with a personalised ‘sleep score’ which you can use to track how you sleep at night during the different stages. The app also provides users with advice on how sleep can be improved, based on the data received from the headband.

2. emWave2

To the untrained eye, the emWave2 looks like a memory card reader or portable digital recorder. However, this device is neither of those. The emWave2 is a portable stress meter that has an inbuilt stress-calming device for those who feel a little caught up in the world. The device features a thumb monitor designed to measure one’s heart rate, under the assumption that the faster one’s heart beats, the more stressed a person is. The emWave2 also works to calm stress by directing users to follow the blue flashing light on the portable device to regulate one’s heartbeat, and watch a calming slideshow on a desktop computer to achieve the same effect.

The device’s integration with a desktop computer program also allows you to create a pattern over time showing when you get stressed and the steps you took to relieve the sensation.

3. Smart Baby Scale

The App Store is filled with a variety of fitness and weight tracking apps, but none as detailed and innovative as the Smart Baby Scale. This smart technology, developed by perennial CES exhibitioner Withings, is comprised of a slim baby scale that wirelessly connects to a downloadable app on your iPhone. The app allows you to track your baby’s weight over time, and also wirelessly share this data with a doctor or family members. The ‘baby’ scale is not just for use by babies, however; toddlers can use the scale too with a minor adjustment.

There is nothing more important than your health, and apps for your iPhone are a fantastic way of achieving your health goals with ease. App and gadget developers are coming up with new ways to integrate your favourite tech toys into your healthy lifestyle. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new ways to get fit, de-stress, sleep better and more!

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