laptop Introducing the all new Dell Alienware M17x by Dell touted as “the most powerful gaming laptop” we take a look to see if the specifications match up to the hype. Its been a while since we have heard any big news from Alienware which was the talk of the town even a couple of years ago . Here is the our “powerful” configuration for the Alienware M17x and some cool features:

  • Intel core 2 extreme quad QX9300
  • Vista Ultimate 64 bit (I dont know if thats a feature or a drawback)
  • Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M, 2GB – SLI® Enabled
  • 17-inch WideUXGA 1920×1200 (1200p)
  • 4GB DDR Memory
  • 500GB Hard drive SATA with fall protection
  • Blu-ray DVD
  • Blue Tooth (cant believe we have to pay extra for this
  • 3 year Dell warranty

Cool Features:

  • Comes in 2 different colors black and silver
  • Glowing red keyboard for night time play
  • A bunch of other glowing parts including a neet glowing alien logo on the top cover
  • An option to choose your own avatar, background wallpaper etc..

Ok it is probably the “Ultimate gaming laptop” and the fastest no doubt but at a price tag of 4599.00$ Canadian only the most hardcore (and well off) gamer is going to afford themselves this pretty laptop.

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