Staring at one’s mobile phone is becoming an increasingly common pastime, especially if you’re watching your favourite videos on the go. Here’s how it’s done.

Getting that Video Conversion Program

Download the SUPER video conversion program from SUPER, as in Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Render, is highly recommended because of the simple one-click steps that let you encode your video files to the appropriate format for your mobile device.

Select Your Video Output Resolution

Mobile devices don’t just vary in screen sizes, but resolutions too. Know the native resolution of your mobile device, and select the corresponding resolution, if the resolution is not listed, click on ‘More’ and customize the resolution that matches your mobile device.

What is H.264

Wondering what your phone’s specs means when it supports H.264? This widely adopted codec is a compression technique that allows videos to be shrunk down to a manageable size. Translate that to the mobile device, and you’ll get to bring more videos with you.

Tweaking Audio Output

Audio quality is important for the best movie experience. For now, let’s err on the safe side and use the default settings. You can tweak the audio encoding settings to your liking too. For example, while a higher bitrate means better quality, this also leads to a larger output file, thus taking up additional storage on your microSD card.

Know Your Supported File Formats

It’s imperative that you know which file formats are supported on your phone. Nonetheless, a few file formats such as AVI and MP4 are widely accepted on most mobile devices. Click Encode, and let SUPER perform its magic.

Transferring Files

Want to watch the videos on your new iPhone 4? Well, that requires you to sync the iPhone 4 with the files loaded onto iTunes.

Transferring to an Android phone? Hook the device to your PC, and select Mount Disk Drive to access either the internal or microSD storage on your Android phone. For other mobile platforms, simply transfer the file to your microSD card and you should be able to play the file direct on your mobile device.

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