Are you thinking of purchasing an ink cartridge for the inkjet printer at your place? It is not a simple process. Printer companies will always find it convenient to keep the market a little murky and confusing. It is this scenario which leads to the Eternal Question, Should You Refill or Not Refill Cartridges?  Printer ink for inkjets is amongst the costliest, especially, if cost per weight is considered. Printer manufacturers are better off getting a premium by selling a cartridge filled with ink than allowing someone to refill the ink cartridge. In fact, the profits are so high for companies that the printer cost may be nearly same to a single re-fill of the myriad inkjet cartridges required to ensure that the device is fully functional.

A number of printers are available with several models under each label. Naturally, this leads to confusion. In addition to this, users also have the option of choosing different ink varieties for the same ink-jet printer, which are chosen according to the kind of output preferred by users.

Hence, one must give a thought on the supply as well as cost of printer cartridges before buying any printer.  Search on the internet and locate a strong community which can efficiently refill cartridges near your home for a reasonable discount.  In the recent years, the procedure of refilling has become much simpler. However, some companies go an extra mile in making it easier for users.

No one stop solution

Unlike in most things, you do not have a single generic inkjet ink which can work on all the models. One needs to keep in mind that a variety of variables can cause big or subtle variations in printer ink. Some qualitative differences in ink can produce different levels of print output.

Print jobs that entail photo-like quality may need you to purchase genuine manufacturer cartridges in order to ensure consistency of the quality. On the other hand, print projects which are less demanding, may just need refill cartridges.

Environment Friendly

With most corporates and people in business community getting environmentally conscious, the question is raised about the re-use and recycling of cartridge refill development.  These cartridges are kept away from landfills due to their unpleasant nature and hard to recycle capabilities. The ink contains chemicals which are hazardous after disposal.

Although refilling the ink cartridge is safe, ingesting it accidently can make you ill. Ingredients like Glycerin, Lactam, Glycol and Water form a printer ink. Do not be scared of conserving some cash by loading the cartridges on your own. It is good to check out any of the ink cartridge re-filling businesses which have sprung up recently. It will anyway cost lesser and you can also get an idea of how do it yourself just by observing the person doing the refilling.


Going by the question, should we refill or not refill inkjet cartridges?  It is not an easy choice to make but a little due diligence before opting for something specific can go a long way.

About the author: This guest post is written by Austin. He is a technology enthusiast and helps provide tips for the same. He also helps provide environment friendly Samsung toner cartridges which can be easily recycled and save the world from one of the tech dumping.

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