One of the most enjoyable ways to get fit now is to go down to your local football field to exercise. You will usually have the whole field to yourself depending on what time you go. One problem you might be faced with is the lack of equipment. If you haven’t been into fitness for long or are only just starting, it might be hard to accept you can build a great body without $5000 machines. What if you found out it was possible? In fact, what if you could buy a few fitness gadgets and you’d never have to pay for a gym membership again? For some people they would hate it, but for others it would increase their motivation and take their fitness to a new level. Before you head down to the park it would be good to go over a few cool gadgets so you know what you’ll need.

Gymnastic rings

You’ve just watched the Olympics. Did you notice how great the gymnasts bodies were? That’s because they use their own bodyweight and leverage it to build some serious muscle. One of their main pieces of equipment is gymnastic rings. All you do is hang these from the goalposts and it’s the equivalent of using a set of rings inside a gymnastic club.

Resistance bands

You can pick up some giant rubber bands that are just as good as dumbbells for building great muscles. As you stretch the bands they eventually get harder and harder to stretch out. You need to use a little creativity here and you can basically replicate any weightlifting exercise in the world. If you’re stuck for ideas there’s hundreds on Youtube.

Perfect Pushups

Pushups are one of the greatest exercises known to man. They are still the ultimate chest builder and you can do them anywhere. Perfect Pushups guarantee you can work your chest more by going deeper than normal pushups. If you want to build a lot of muscle it’s obviously quite hard with normal pushups. You’ll have to work up to one-handed ones.

A running watch

When you’re trying to get fit it’s definitely not all about resistance exercises. It’s good to do a little cardiovascular exercise too, even if it’s just to give you a little break. When you have a running watch it makes some things much easier. When you try taking your pulse it’s hard to get right, why not just look at your watch and save yourself the extra work? Depending on which one you get it’s also possible to know how many calories you’re burning.


Since you don’t have access to a gym you will be using a lot of bodyweight exercises. When doing them it’s sometimes better to time your sets instead of doing a specific number of reps. The Gymboss allows you to set up intervals and the time runs out when you hear the beep, then just wait until it beeps again to start your next set. Nothing could be easier and it makes your sessions much more fun.

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