Free PS4 Game Slammed by Angry PlayStation Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus isn’t ending 2021 on the right foot. This year, PS Plus subscribers were treated to a wide range of great PS4 and PS5 games. Throughout the year, the subscription service earned loads of praise as it gave subscribers games like Control, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and A Plague Tale: Innocence. That said, December’s free games aren’t nearly as impressive, in fact, one has been causing quite a bit of controversy. Meanwhile, a recent revelation about another has PS Plus subscribers sharpening their pitchforks. 

Over on Twitter, developer Cold Symmetry — via the game’s official Twitter account — confirmed some disappointing news about the PlayStation Plus version of Mortal Shell, one of this month’s “free” PS4 games. Using Twitter, the developer clarified that the version of the game that ships with PlayStation Plus is the original PS4 edition with no PS5 enhancements, and PS4 users who grab the game through the subscription don’t qualify for the normal PS5 upgrade. This means not only are PlayStation Plus subscribers forever stuck with a PS4 version that can’t be upgraded, but it means those on PS5 are stuck playing the PS4 version. 

While it’s not terribly surprising PlayStation Plus users can’t take advantage of the free PS5 upgrade, it’s a bad look following the aforementioned controversy. As you would expect, subscribers aren’t happy.

“Seriously guys, this should have included the PS5 upgrade too,” reads one reply to the news. “The games are the same price in the store, and now all we have is another disappointing cutdown title for PS5. Whether including only the PS4 version was your call or Sony’s, you can still make it right…”

“I don’t get this to be honest. Do you want your game to be discovered by many new players who were keen to give Mortal Shell a go? Why snob the PS5 users? You are losing potential new customers here,” adds another PlayStation Plus subscriber

At the moment of publishing, neither Cold Symmetry nor PlayStation have responded to this backlash. We don’t expect this to change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things PlayStation, click here. 

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