Back when I was younger I wasn’t allowed a Gameboy or a Sega Genesis. I was pretty jealous of all my friends who were though, and at that point I’d probably have given anything to be allowed one. That’s probably why I told my friends that my laptop that could do nothing except word process in black and white was actually a games console, and why I made up a ton of different ways I could use it as though it was. When my friends came round they got to see me ‘race’ my cursor and play word games with myself.

Okay so I wasn’t the most popular kid at school and maybe that was a little lame. But the point is that with some imagination you can get a lot more use out of a relatively dull piece of equipment. There are many ways that you can get similar use out of a mobile phone meanwhile that don’t necessarily require you to install any apps or use any extra features. Here we will look at some things you can do with your phone that might not be ‘smart’ in the high tech way, but are certainly creative and can be a lot of fun.


Word Games: Phones have the ability to text each other and for most of us on fancy contracts this texting is completely free. That then means you can contact people just for the hell of it and not worry about spending money, but a lot of people don’t really make the most of this and will still only use their texting to say ‘I’m late’ or ‘please pick up milk’. When you can have so much fun playing guessing games and the like in person, why not do the same via text and keep your friendships going long distance.

What’s This?: Okay so it’s only really smart phones that have a camera function, but you can still use this in a backwards way to have some fun. A game I still play with my friend to this day is to take a close up picture of some random object with my phone, send it to them, and then ask them what they think it is they’re looking at. They have five guesses to get it right.


Ascii Art: Who needs to have a paint imitator on their phone when you can make some really great creations using good old ascii art? For the uninitiated this is essentially images created from your various keyboard symbols like hashes and backslashes and this way you can make some surprisingly creative pictures to make other people smile or just for your own amusement/a challenge to pass some time.

Modern Communication

Prank Texts: You might think of ‘pranks’ as destructive, but they needn’t be. If you send a random number a funny text then in most cases it will make them smile, and in fact you can even use this strange strategy to start chatting to a stranger. It’s like a chat room in your pocket that’s more accessible and doesn’t require an internet connection and it’s a unique way to enjoy a completely anonymous conversation.

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