One of the best things about winter is creating ice sculptures. We have all seen the ice masterpieces that are created during regional and national championships. However, few people realize that it is possible to dabble with ice sculpting in your own backyard. If you had fun making snow sculptures as a kid, you will absolutely love creating ice sculptures. One of the best things about ice sculpting is that you do not need a lot of expert equipment to get started. Here are four gadgets that will help you create amazing ice sculptures.

Electric Chainsaw

No matter how small the block of ice, it is bound to be thick and will take you forever to get a proper shape out of it using only a hammer and chisel. Speed is of prime importance in ice sculpting and a chainsaw definitely helps speed up the process. With a single gliding motion, a chainsaw can help you remove huge chunks of ice that may have taken hours otherwise. A traditional gas-powered chainsaw is too heavy and too powerful for working with blocks of ice. You may see professionals using gas-powered chainsaws, but that is only because they have years of experience and deal with huge blocks of ice that are as stout as tree trunks. An electric chainsaw is more suited to ice sculpting since it is lighter and much more easily maneuverable. It is also a more eco-friendly option while saving you money in the long run.

Flat Chisel

In order to sculpt blocks of ice into pieces of art, you often end up using many items that are lying around the garage or shed, especially if you are keen on DIY projects. The flat chisel is one of those items. Usually a carpenter’s aid, the flat chisel proves to be an invaluable tool for ice sculptors. A flat chisel is used for the same purpose during ice sculpting as it would be when used on wooden items. The chisel is used to shave off additional ice from the surface and help give the sculpture better definition. It is also used for shaping the ice and can be used for creating wedges and other features. As you learn to handle it better, you will start using the flat chisel for minor detailing work as well.

Ice Pick

Sometimes, you need to remove or chip away small pieces of ice and a chainsaw or flat chisel just won’t do the trick. For those moments when you need extra accuracy and prefer precision over power, you will find an ice pick to be the ideal tool. There is a variety of ice picks available depending upon what they will be used for. For ice sculpting, a traditional ice pick is good enough. A good quality anti-rust ice pick is not too expensive and will last you for many decades.


Sometimes, you need to melt the ice in order to get the desired shape. Usually, this is the last step and can often transform a good ice sculpture into a great one. For small ice sculpting projects, a kitchen blowtorch is sufficient for the job. Learn to use it right and your ice sculptures will look just as fantastic and your crème brulee tastes.

Just like any other art form, it is only your imagination that restricts you. Invest in these 4 items and you will have all the tools necessary to create your own ice masterpieces to impress friends and family this winter.

About the author: Michael Harris is the author of the article and a tech expert. He shares tech reviews and news with his readers through his tech blog. He works for Lump Sculpture studio, providers of excellent water features and sculpture.

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