Cooking can be a great hobby and a lot of fun for anyone who takes joy in creating something that looks great and tastes even better. It’s a brilliant pastime to share with friends, a great way to feel capable and impressive and ideal way to pass time and vent steam after a stressful day. Or at least this is what some of my friends tell me. On the other hand when I try to cook dinner what I invariably find is that the kitchen gets cramped and covered in plates and dirty knives and forks, I lose track of things that are cooking leading to an unsettling burning smell and invariably I tend to burn myself on something or cut my fingers chopping. In other words I’m just not organized enough really to enjoy cooking and this is why I often find it to be a stressful experience and certainly not something I would do to unwind.

Or at least that was the case until recently when I invested in a few different gadgets that took a lot of the strain off of process of cooking. They’re simple little utilities, but when it comes to the kitchen they can make a big difference. Here are some of my favourites that might be able to help you next time you’re cooking too.


The blender has to be one of the most useful tools out there when it comes to pure calories saved. To mash your food into a soup, or to create a paste normally is a job that takes hours of strenuous chopping and mashing, but when you have a blender or a food processor with a blender attachment then that needn’t be the case. Just drop your solid into the blender and out it comes as a sauce or paste.

Waste Disposal

This is something that I don’t know how I previously lived without. It’s essentially a series of blades that sit in your plug hole and get chopping whenever you drop any food down there, but what it means is that a) the sink never gets jammed and b) you can peal over the sink and then simply pour away the peal without worrying about it getting everywhere.


It’s an old gadget and not one that is associated solely with the kitchen, but it sure does make boring stirring or washing up a lot more bearable. Every countertop should have one.


This is another gadget that’s hardly high tech, but is nevertheless very useful and means I don’t need to worry about leaving the chicken in the oven too long anymore.

Knife Set

This might not sound like a gadget, but the knives I have now are ceramic and certainly count as ‘boys toys’ if nothing else. The days of struggling to chop… anything… are now long behind me.

Electric Can Opener

I didn’t realise how much I hated opening cans until I got an electric tin opener. Turns out, in retrospect, that I was actually avoiding having tuna or beans because I didn’t want to go through the stressful process of opening the tins and getting the brine/tomato sauce everywhere. With the electric opener? Not a problem.

About the author: Carrie Fisher is a housewife and an avid blogger who keeps advising other housewives on the benefits of introducing new gadgets in their kitchens so that they can use that free time to pursue other activities of interest.

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