Anyone can go fishing during the day and try catching huge fish. It’s great fun and normal. It doesn’t take much commitment and anyone can do it with little effort. Something that is much more fun and even more rewarding is to go fishing in the dark. It just feels a lot different and your mind is challenged in ways that day fishing can’t compete with. Have you ever been interested in giving it a try? If you answered yes, you can’t just walk up to a stream and throw in the line. It’s not as easy as that, unfortunately. Unless you live on nothing but carrots and have eyesight like Superman then you are going to need some special gadgets to make your trip as productive as possible. You have a chance to catch some amazing fish in hard conditions, but only if you do it right.
Your modified flashlight
When you’re out at night and you suddenly switch on something bright it’s going to temporarily blind you. No doubt it’s much harder to see what you’re doing when you feel like you have a blindfold on. An easy way to get around this is to cover your flashlight with colored cellophane. This will ensure the brightness of the flashlight doesn’t temporarily stop you from seeing anything. Red and Blue are the best options. Just tie the cellophane over the end or buy a new flashlight with this already attached.
A black light
If you’re out on a boat you can pick up a black light that should plug into the gunnel of your boat. These are pretty good and should only cost you about a hundred dollars for one that will last you a while. You can fish easily knowing your bright lights aren’t scaring away the fish. It means you’re going to catch lots more. Don’t head out at night to waste your time.
Fluorescent fishing line
If you use a fluorescent line it’s going to be a lot easier for you to see. As you can imagine, spotting a normal fishing line in the pitch black isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. A spool of this stuff should only cost about $10 so it’s not like your spending too much money. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.
Modified landing net
This one is another little modification you can do yourself that isn’t too difficult. Again, it’s just so you can see what you’re doing a little easier. Take some small waterproof flashlights and attach them to the landing net. You only need to put them around the handle and it will be easy to spot in the dark.
Modified personal floatation device
This one is just to avoid serious harm. You should wear a safety device that’s fitted with a strobe light and beacon. Just in case you decide to go for a little swim in the dark. If you fall in it will be impossible for anyone to find you. This is just common sense and your safety always comes first.

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