Gadgets: Razer headphones, Playdate console, Flexound Pulse and more

Our focus on gaming features games old and new; kawaii colour; sound you can feel; fun fitness, and tech to make games accessible to everyone, all featured in the December 2021 issue of E&T.

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition

Serious Bluetooth headphones for gamers. Large 40mm drivers and twin beamforming mics ensure great sound. Low latency of 40ms in gaming mode keeps it in sync. Razer Chroma RGB lets you customise the lighting colours. Available in kawaii pink or cool black.


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The coolest handheld console in town. Retro games fans and hipsters alike will love this lo-fi monochrome gizmo from Panic, publisher of the cult classic ‘Untitled Goose Game’, in design partnership with Teenage Engineering. Controls include a crank on the side and you get two new mystery games every week for a 12-week season.


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Retro Games A500 Mini

The classic Commodore Amiga games machine rebooted: it can emulate the A500, A600 and A1200. The look and feel is perfect, right down to the clunky two-button mouse, but it comes with a newly engineered gamepad, too. Twenty-five classic Amiga games are built in; add more via USB.


Playpulse ONE

Instead of Peleton-style streamed workout classes, you pedal this bike to play compelling games. Gaming is integral, with controllers on the handlebars and haptic feedback as well as a 24-inch touchscreen. Immersed in gameplay, including multiplayer, you’ll be glued to the saddle, not the sofa.


Flexound Pulse

Feel gaming and home cinema sound with your entire body. This seat creates a little booth of surround sound for the listener, with minimum sound leakage to others. Speakers are integral, immersing you in vibration: up to 500Hz to your body and up to 1,000Hz to your hands and skin.


Xbox Adaptive Controller

Not new but to be applauded, this was designed in partnership with the gaming and disability community. It boasts oversized, programmable buttons plus sockets to plug in third-party assistive devices, making it much easier for everyone to enjoy Xbox and PC gaming.


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