We live in a world that’s unfortunately not as safe as it should be. Turn on the news and something bad has happened. It’s getting to the point now where society is becoming more afraid than ever before. It’s all subconscious and we don’t even realize how much we feel under threat. It’s worse for women who live on their own. There’s some sick people out there and history has showed us single women are vulnerable. No one should feel threatened in their own home. Freedom is our god given right and that also includes freedom from anxious thoughts. If women are to feel safe it would be beneficial if they could turn their home into a fortress. If you’re a woman living on your own you won’t have to, because we’re going to look at 5 amazing security gadgets you can pick up.

Pepper spray

OC spray

It’s always a good idea to keep a can of pepper spray at home in case the worst was to ever happen, but let’s keep our fingers crossed you will never have to use it. Pepper spray isn’t lethal and it’s a lot easier to use than a gun. It will cause an attacker temporary blindness and they’ll be in a lot of pain. It’s likely anyone attacked with pepper spray to the eyes will get out of your home as fast as they came in.

Outdoor security camera

When you have a camera set up outside it gives you a view of anyone loitering about outside your home and you can check it before you answer the door. It also acts as a nice deterrent and any would-be intruders will probably go looking for their next target, as sad as that sounds. If you decide to splash out on a better quality of camera it will also come with night vision as standard so the dark won’t make a bit of difference.

Emergency autodial phone

"My phone lightens my load"

It might not be easy to call the police if someone is already in your home. An emergency autodial phone is a wonderful thing to have around. You just need to hit an emergency panic button and it will automatically call the authorities. But how will they possible know what’s wrong? You have to pre-record a message and when someone picks up the phone on the other end they will hear the message and send someone out straight away.

Lifeshield security system

This is a wireless security system which is a hundred times better than a wired version. Anyone who knows anything about electricity would be able to snip a wire and your security is now gone. This can’t happen with a wireless system. There is also four different layers of backup, so no matter what happens you can sleep easy knowing your Lifeshield security system is always protecting you.

Security bars

Yarn Bomb - Security Bars

This is at the extreme end of the scale because it involves adding physical bars to your windows. Most intruders will always come in through the window, so they are always vulnerable unless protected by bars. This one is entirely up to you and will depend on how safe you feel. Maybe it’s a better idea in rougher neighborhoods where more crime occurs.

About the author: Chris Hamilton blogs about off-best topics which are well received by his readers throughout the world. He owns a consultancy offering high quality cctv security systems at affordable rates.

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