Game Inbox: Will Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Come To Nintendo Switch 2?

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – is it cross-gen? (Image: Nintendo)

The Friday Letter site isn’t impressed by Microsoft’s latest round of layoffs as one reader hopes for a new line of Batman games.

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separate gene
It might just be another rumor to say that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be out in late 2024, but as GC says, no other timing makes sense, so you hardly need anyone to leak the information anyway. Who knows how they’ll reveal it and all, but I’d be shocked if the new console doesn’t come out by Christmas 2024.

If that’s true, it leaves some big questions unanswered, e.g. B. which games will be released by then and whether the new machine will be backwards compatible. You can’t really guess the games, other than probably that the Donkey Kong rumor is true, but I think the games will work. The Wii and Wii U were actually really good for backwards compatibility and it’s just that the Switch doesn’t have a drive that stopped it.

The question for me is will switch 1 games be updated on the switch 2? Will Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom have a Switch 2 edition that you’ll have to upgrade or even pay full price for again? I think it will be the first, Nintendo doesn’t give something like this away for free.

I also like the recent reader’s idea that most new releases will be smaller stuff and DLC by then. I don’t think Nintendo really wants to promote cross-gen games, they will want to give a clear reason for buying the new console. I can see Zelda as an exception, assuming it’s as good as we’re expecting, but I think only it and a few other recent games will be on both systems.

Inevitable Consequences
Normally I would try to defend Microsoft against all these claims of bad management as I have to say I really enjoyed my Xbox Series X/S but there is no excuse for laying off 10,000 people just to thank the shareholders please. Microsoft is still making massive profits, there’s absolutely no reason they should ditch so many people, just take a hit – you won’t even notice it on the balance sheets – and keep them all.

That said, it’s hard to pretend the first-party situation isn’t still looking very rocky. Maybe it’ll get a better picture from the next showcases, but right now I’m only interested in Starfield and knowing Bethesda, there’s still a lot that can go wrong.

But those layoffs…everyone said something like this would happen once Microsoft took over, and here we are. I can only wonder what ordinary developers at Activision are thinking right now.

Last straw
It’s not a pretty picture being painted about Microsoft these days. I really can’t believe 343 Industries even lasted that long. I think they were only kept here to help finish Halo Infinite and given how that turned out I think the writing must be on the wall now. Although you could have said that a few times.

What I don’t understand about Xbox is how they solve some problems by just throwing tons of money at them and others just ignore them and let them fester. If they have a problem with management, just throw out the problematic ones and get new ones. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying an entire studio. And this week shows they have no problem firing people for little or no reason.

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A new era
Once Suicide Squad is out, the next DC game will be James Gunn’s first, right? So that probably means movie ties and a new Batman series? I hope so, because the last decade or so has just been one big missed opportunity.

Also, since he seems to like weirder characters, I’m hoping the likes of Lobo, Plasticman, and Atom will take a look. There’s so much potential for superhero characters, both from DC and Marvel, and all we ever get are people who can hit you harder than usual.
Mr Terrific

CONDITIONS: The Wonder Woman game started development long before Gunn showed up, and it’s possible there may be other unannounced titles as well.

big cave
After this amazing Nintendo setup video I thought I’d share this video of a game room/mancave this guy set up in Toronto. It’s absolutely amazing.

It’s a long video but worth watching for all gaming enthusiasts. I hope you like it. There are loads of other videos this guy has done about this glorious set up.

solid story
That story about boxes and Metal Gear Solid was pretty funny. This shows you that Hideo Kojima knows more about what he’s doing than meets the eye, either or that, or reality is copying him right now.

I’m all for a new Metal Gear Rising if PlatinumGames does it, but I’m someone who thinks there can’t be a Metal Gear Solid without Hideo Kojima. I’m not sure if there is another video game series that depends so much on its creator, but the game is so dependent on him being so creative and so weird that I just don’t see it working unless he has a secret twin brother.

He’s been fine since leaving Konami, and yet Konami has become utterly irrelevant, so I hope whoever pushed him out feels smart now.

Still, it’s strange to think that what used to be one of the biggest franchises in gaming now just doesn’t exist. This makes me think that sooner or later a Resident Evil style remaster or remake series has to come. But what happens after that, do they just wait for the next generation of consoles and redo them all over again?

Metal Gear Solid as a series is over and we can only watch reruns.

name change
Like A Dragon is such a terrible name for a yakuza. I know it’s the Japanese name, but I’m willing to bet it sounds a lot better in its original language. what does it even mean How is Kiryu like a dragon? Does he breathe fire and fly in the air? How is a dragon like Kiryu? Are they known for being villains with hearts of gold addicted to hostess clubs?

Not that it would put me off, I’ll definitely be playing Ishin at the very least, but I don’t really get the logic. Yakuza was a great name that explained to some degree what this game was about. As for Like A Dragon, I have no idea.

The choice of the connoisseur
It was strange reading about the possible new Nintendogs game as I haven’t thought about that game or the DS in general for so long. Looking back it was kind of a magical time for me as I had a lot of money left over before starting a family and it was the first time gaming seemed to open up to everyone.

I gave my old DS to my sister and she loved Nintendogs (that’s how I know about it) and brain training and all that. I loved all the weird Japanese games like Drill Dozer and Ouendan. Ironically, I think that’s the last time gaming appeared like that weird niche thing where you had to have expertise to find the best games.

Now everything is available everywhere at the same time and I kind of miss that. Indie isn’t quite the same because there’s really no way to know them all, but something like Ouendan, if you know, you could snag an absolute banger that no one else knew about.

I think the way things are now is better, but it feels like there are less mysteries and less weird games in general, at least the ones made by big companies.

inbox mitran
RE: LeighDappa. If your internet is good, Game Pass Ultimate offers you cloud gaming that lets you play the upcoming exclusive new generation Redfall, Starfield and Forza Motorsport on Xbox One via cloud gaming. Microsoft still does the 1:1 upgrade from Gold to Ultimate for £1 for up to three years.

Following on from Barry and Meestah Bull’s answer. I have a Wii2HDMI converter which I bought in China for £2. It works absolutely fine. Doesn’t add any delay or anything like that. The best option for getting Wii to an HDMI TV is either component (if the TV has a VGA port, you’ll probably get a component to VGA converter) or get a Wii U and use native HDMI.

This week’s hot topic
The theme for this weekend’s inbox was suggested by reader Onibee, who asked which video game protagonist would you like to trade games with?

Pick any two games you like, whether they belong to similar genres or not, and swap the main character. What would happen and do you think it would be fun?

Is that something you’ve thought of before, and how important do you think the main character is in a game? Are there any that put you off just because of the protagonist and whose abilities you wish you had the most in another game?

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