Aiming to indulge in a spot of mobile gaming during the holidays? Why not check out the newest kid on the block, Microsoft Windows Phone 7? Here are seven easy steps to get you started and ready for the Xbox Live experience on Windows Phone 7.

Sign up for Xbox 360 Live

Need an account for Xbox Live? Simply visit this site to start the creation process. Preferably, use a Windows Live account, i.e. a Hotmail and Windows Live email address, for seamless integration.

Download Zune

Certain Xbox Live games can be huge in terms of file size, so it would be wise to download and install these games from the PC. To do so, you’ll need to download Zune. Likewise, create a Zune account which shares the same e-mail address as your Xbox Live account.

Set Up Zune

To purchase Xbox Live games, you’ll need to associate a credit card to your Zune account, select Settings > Account > Add a credit card and enter the required information to open up the purchasing option.

Log On to Windows Live

From your Windows Phone 7 device, log onto the Windows Live account that was used to create the Xbox Live account. Your Xbox Live Gamertag will be identical with the previous created Zune tag.

Download Xbox 360 Live Extra

It’s time to edit your Xbox Live account and avatar. You’ll need to download the xbox Live Extra app for Windows Phone 7. You may choose to do it via the Windows Phone 7 device. Alternatively connect the device to the PC, start Zune, head to Marketplace, download and install Xbox live Extra onto your phone.

Customize Your Avatar

Using Xbox live Extra, you can edit and control your avatar. Choose a fitting style, and start making friends on Xbox Live do note that you’ll need to be a Gold member on xbox live to send messages to your friends.

Download Games

With your Xbox Live account up and running, it’s time to download Xbox Live games onto your Windows Phone 7. Similar to Xbox Live Extra, you can choose to download the games off your phone via the Xbox Live or Marketplace hub, or through Zune.

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