Genshin Impact wins the Best Mobile Game award; The Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards 2021 commenced on 9th December and during the event the winners of 30 categories were revealed. It is an esteemed ceremony which is organised to celebrate the video games of the year. The gamers might be curious as to who won the awards because several games had a world premier yesterday night. In this year’s event, there were 30 categories in total and many respected games were nominated to contest. Genshin Impact won the Best Mobile Game award along with the Best ongoing award. Let’s take a look at the achievements of Genshin Impact. 


Genshin Impact wins the Best Mobile Game award

During the awards night, Genshin Impact was awarded with 2 out of the 30 categories in The Game Awards 2021. 

  1. Best Ongoing
  2. Best Mobile Game

The first award that Genshin Impact won was the Best Mobile Game and it was announced  after most of the awards had been distributed. This game had to go through tough competition this year; however, the fans had voted for Genshin Impact and it came out on top. The games like the League of Legends were competing for the Best Mobile Game category but Genshin Impact won this category.This game is available for all the devices including Android and iOS; however, it has a good reputation amongst the mobile gamers. 

Genshin Impact wins the best mobile game award; The Game Awards 2021

Genshin Impact: Availability 

  1. Windows 
  2. PS4
  3. iOS 
  4. Android 

Genshin Impact is currently one of the most popular games and it has achieved a milestone of becoming the most tweeted game on Twitter. This game had earned over $2 billion in the first year and the numbers keep increasing. So the gamers were not surprised when Genshin Impact won the Best Game Award title during the event. 

Genshin Impact has won awards in different categories as well:

  1. PlayStation Partner Awards 2021
  2. 2020 TapTap Game of the year
  3. Apple Design Awards for Visuals and Graphics

After yesterday’s event it can add two more titles to this list now. With the fans eagerly waiting for Genshin Impact 2.4 to come out, this game has a bright future. 

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