Android phones are some of the most powerful, most multifunctional, and most technically impressive phones on the market at the moment. Not only do many of these devices have impressive specs that would leave even the iPhone with its head hung in shame, but they also have a much more open operating system that allows developers to create more functional and varied apps than they can on other systems. If you are a lover of golf, then you should take advantage of this by putting your device to better use and enjoying some of the many different games, books and apps available to help improve your game and let you indulge in your hobby. Here are some of the top things you can do with your Android if you like shouting ‘four’ and hitting things really hard…

Super Stickman Golf: There are a number of golf games on the Android Play Store – both fun, silly games, and more precise attempts at recreating the experience of playing golf. Super Stickman Golf probably trumps all of these with its crazy levels, simple 2D graphics and highly addictive gameplay. If you’re a fan of Worms, of Lemmings, or of any of those kinds of games, then you’ll probably like this one.

One Shot Putting Golf: This is another game that shows just why golf lends itself so perfectly to being played on a phone. It’s quick and easy to pick up and play, and while not being overly realistic, it is a lot of fun and very satisfying. As the game suggests you are challenged to get the ball in the hole in a single shot, but what makes this more fun is the crazy 3D levels with loop-de-loops and other challenges.

Golf for Dummies: Not a pro at golf yet? Then head on over to the books section of the Play Store and download this little guide to getting good. These books are always informative and well written, and the ability to read it on your phone or tablet makes it that much more convenient to read while you’re on the train etc.

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Bodybuilding.Com: This is the name of an app that is full of training advice and bodybuilding moves. How does this relate to golf? Well if you really want to get good then one of the most important things to do is to work on your fitness and your strength. Use this site to build stronger lats and obliques and you’ll be better able to whack that ball for miles.

Bolingbrook Golf Club, Bolingbrook, Illinois

SkyDroid Golf GPS: Any golf GPS app will be a huge help next time you go to play. With Golf GPS this will help you to see the layout of your course, to see how far you are from various hazards and even to see how far you hit the ball or how far you are from the hole. This is like having omnipresence and it’s highly useful.


Instagram: Golf creates lots of great photo opportunities as you’re playing outside in the sun and striking dramatic poses. Instagram allows you to take a picture, add some filters and alter the lighting to make it look vintage or more vibrant, and then upload the picture to Facebook to make your friends jealous. It’s not a golf app but it sure can add to your experience and give you some keepsakes from the day.

About the author: Michael Dan is an avid sports blogger, who religiously follows cricket, golf and soccer. He recommends the use of  golfbox bags  to every golfer.

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