When some people think of golf they picture a few older gentlemen enjoying their retirement. A nice way to spend a few hours during the day catching up with friends. Everyone who plays golf knows different. It’s not the same as it was 20 years ago. Technology has improved so much and now you can buy any gadget imaginable. Not only is it a fun game to play, but you also get to waste all your money on the coolest gadgets in the world.

But anyone looking to buy something will be pretty confused. Over the last few years there’s been hundreds of different things invented, all promising they will improve your game and make you the king of the clubhouse. Not every gadget you can buy will change your life. Some will improve your game, and some will make you look cool. Others will just make another dent in your bank account. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen by looking at some gadgets you need to get your hands on.

Bushnell Tour Z6

This little beauty is tournament legal and will help improve your game because of its awesome power. Look through the lens and you will have a clearer picture of the hole as it can work all the way up to 1300 yards. Don’t worry about it getting a little wet because it’s not afraid of some water. It’s waterproof, rainproof and can be used in any conditions. You don’t want to be playing great when it’s warm and rubbish when it’s wet. It’s tiny and very light, which means you can just throw it inside your golf bag after each shot.

A customized cap

You’ll look much cooler on the golf course when you have your own customized cap. If you don’t have a machine press capable of making such a cap you can easily have a design made and order it over the Internet. You’ll get to see exactly what it will look like before you pay any money, then just hope it gets delivered by the time you are next out on the course. If you wanted to take it a stage further you could also have your own polo shirts custom made.


Unless you’re pretty experienced you won’t have the greatest grip in the world. It could definitely be better and Sensoglove is the perfect tool for the job. It just looks like a normal golf glove except it has a little LED display on the top. It will then give you specific instructions to make sure your grip is the best it could possibly be. Everyone knows that having the right grip could be the difference between being a champion or a chump. You want to make sure your grip is great. Not only will it give you visual feedback, but it will also give you audio feedback and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Just make sure you don’t get too good, or your friends will try to steal it from you.

Stewart Golf X7

What’s the biggest difference between you and a professional golfer? A professional has someone carry their clubs around and they don’t need to lift a finger. If you have money you could probably hire someone every time you played, but why not spend your money on an amazing robo-caddy instead? The Stewart Golf X7 definitely hits the sweet spot: it’s cool, light, and you can navigate the trolley around within a 50m range. You will never get bored of this, and it takes all the hard work away so you can concentrate on playing golf and becoming world class.

About the author: Thomas Barker is a professional tech blogger and loves playing golf and football in his leisure. He is also a fitness expert recommends buying cheap fitness equipment online by clicking on the mentioned link.

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