Business travelers are always looking for the best ticket price. With the iPhone, the search has gotten much easier. But aside from Priceline, Expedia, and Orbitz, there are many apps that are better but are less known to the traveling professional. Here are three good iPhone apps for finding the best airfare rate and reasons why these apps are so good, and even better than their more popular counterparts.

Yapta – Track flights and get airline refunds: Yapta, Inc., has become a leader of finding the best deals for airline tickets in a relatively short time. Not only will Yapta’s iPhone app help you find the best rates, but it will also send you incoming messages regarding any price drops and get you a voucher for the amount you overpaid, so that the next flight you take is already discounted.

Why it’s different: Most of the cheap flight apps found in the App Store focus on locking you into a low rate, but you can’t track these rates, and if the rates do drop once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’re out of luck. Yapta lets you track the prices of each airline, and if the price drops post-purchase, Yapta sends you a notification to let you know and in most cases issues you a voucher equaling the amount of the price drop.

FareCompare When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts: FareCompare offers low-fares, price drop alerts, and an interactive getaway map view, so all of your flights can be purchased at the best price you can find, and with the amenities you need to make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Why it’s different: FareCompare sends you instant alerts whenever a flight you were watching lowers its ticket price. You can save your vacations directly on the app, and when the price is right, FareCompare will let you know. You can also share these deals and discounts with your friends, via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail, thanks to FareCompare’s share options.

Skyscanner: For being so unknown, Skyscanner has an incredible number of airlines (over 1000 and counting) to allow checking millions of flights right from your iPhone. Add to that its independence from larger, better-known apps like Priceline and Kayak, and Skyscanner can get the best deals for the lowest prices, simply by having no limits to its search parameters. If you are picking flights for friends, family, co-workers, you can share the details of the flight directly from the app. You can even e-mail the flight details directly to yourself, just in case your cautious nature requires copies of your itinerary.

Why it’s different: The biggest difference is in the number of airlines that Skyscanner has access to. Unlike the more popular apps, Skyscanner is 100% independent of airline influence, which allows it to better serve the end user – the person buying the ticket. You will be able to access every possible option prior to making a decision, and you may find some deals you would never have noticed without Skyscanner.

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