Google Nexus 5 the most awaiting smartphone of 2013 is going to make its entry on the 30th October 2013 and after knowing its release date the excitement is doubled. On the other side mystery regarding the price of Nexus 5 still continues. The plan of Google is simple, it don’t want to reveal the price before final date because it wants to make Nexus 5 a thread to other manufacturers because of its cheap price.

If we look upon the specifications list of Google Nexus 5, then we would see Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, 3GB RAM, 8MP camera, full HD 5 inches display and few sensors. These specifications are enough to make a smartphone one of the most powerful smartphone of the market and similarly Sony Xperia Z1 and Galaxy Note 3 are the most powerful because of the same specifications as discussed above. And Note 3 is priced at 780 USD almost. Can you imagine, Google will sell the phone with similar characteristics as of Galaxy Note III in just $299 or $349 which is actually less than  the 50% price of original Note 3 or Xperia Z1. Don’t you have question with you, that how it will happen?

Well, if you see the previous year stats for the previous generation Nexus smartphone manufactured by LG was sold for $299 and it was carrying, quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, HD ready display 720p, 8MP camera and all other features that are included in premium phones. That time also, Google was selling the phone at less than the actual manufacturing cost. This year, Google may repeat the history and yes for any of the smartphone brand, the price of $299 or $349 is simply unbeatable. The greedy Google wants to eat a big share of the market and no doubt, market will itself serve Google that eat me, just kidding. But interestingly, Google Nexus 5 is emerging as the star smartphone of 2013.

If you are planning to buy LG Nexus 5 then you would not wrong and you can make this decision with your closes eyes even but you should pray that you would get the chance to pre order it before anyone will steal whole stock, till then you can catch all the updates of Nexus 5 including its price, specifications and features and be the first to order it.

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