I think we all agree that it is quite refreshing to find a new piece of technology that is not just a modified version of an old one. This device is just that uplifting change. The HEC UA100A Universal Notebook Adapter is essentially a charger which is compatible with any of the world’s foremost laptops. The first thing that comes to mind is why would anyone need such an item? After all, a laptop always comes with its own charger. What the public fail to realize is the immense potential of this device.

There have been situations where people have been ready to give away an arm just to find a charger attuned with their notebook when its battery ditches them in an important meeting. The adapter can even come handy as a backup charger in an office environment or even as a surrogate charger for someone who needs a new one. It would also be extremely convenient for someone travelling with more than one notebook.

The Universal Notebook Adapter comes with eight interchangeable tips that will interface and provide power to virtually any notebook that one can think of. However, since different laptops require diverse voltages one needs to exercise caution while using it. An in-line dongle features six dip switched to change voltages, and the system therefore supports laptops with 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 21V and 24V requirements.
As well as having standard wall socket functions, the unit can also draw power via USB. This is an additional benefit since, if you don’t get the right kind of wall socket converter, you can still cash in on power from someone else’s PC. The device is not just versatile but also exceedingly dependable and delivers exceptionally well when required.

Let us now consider the technical aspect of the HEC notebook Adapter. The device runs on 100W power and delivers variable output. It consists of nine tips, is compatible with most notebook brands, and, as already mentioned, has a USB power option.

The downside of this adapter is that the eight included tips are small and may easily be lost. Also, it is really just an adjunct item, the kind that you would rather have and not need, rather than need and not have. So other than those who obsess about having backups for their backups, most people wouldn’t think about buying such a device. If this is assumed to be true, then the first glitch about losing the tips wouldn’t matter much since we seem to be talking about the kind of people who are so organized, they always know exactly where their car keys are and meticulously classify everything in their laptop bag.

On the whole, the HEC UA100A Universal Notebook Adapter is an extremely innovative device which can be beneficial in any number of situations, but because of the way we are programmed, not many people are going to think twice before rejecting it as superfluous. So despite its many advantages, the odds of this gadget making it big are quite bleak.

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