Most people today have smartphones such as the iPhone. This means that things such as taking photos has become much easier, since most of these have advanced cameras that can allow one to come up with high quality photos. In the past, the only way to print these would be to save them to your computer and then print them from there. However, with the advent of wireless printers, it has become much easier to do this, as you can simply bypass the printer. To print directly from your phone, however, you would need to use an application.

Some of the best of these include:

HP ePrint Home & Biz

HP ePrint HOME and BIZ mobile APP

This particular iPhone app will allow you to print directly from the phone to any HP printer. Before you can download it and use it to print all your documents, there are a number of things you have to know about it. First, it can only be used with HP printer, and the two devices (the printer and the phone) should be on the same wireless network. That said, it can be used to print all kinds of documents, from photos to word and even PDF documents. This makes it one of the most versatile apps out there.

The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

This application will also let you do your printing from your iPhone to the printer. As is the case with the HP, the two devices have to be on the same network for this to work. In addition to printing, you can also use this app as a way to save scanned documents. Once you have done the scanning using a Pixma scanner, you can send the document to your iPhone. This avoids the need to have a computer to get scanned documents.

Epson iPrint

The iPrint will let you do all the things that the regular printing apps will, namely printing wirelessly without the need for a computer and also getting scanned documents saved on your phone. In addition to that, this app can also access online storage facilities such as Dropbox. It can then let you choose any document that you had saved on this network, and then print them wirelessly. This is therefore one of the best apps of its kind, since it lets you do more.

Kodak PicFlick

If you have a Kodak printer, you can use this app to do printing from your phone as well. One feature that sets this app apart from most is the fact that it lets you choose whether or not to edit the photos (if you are printing photos) before you can print them. You can do things such as cropping and rotating them to ensure that they are printed just the way you want it.

These are just a selection of some of the printing apps you can get for your iPhone. As you would have realized, most of them are based on the kind of printer that you have. If you need to download one, therefore, you only need to find out what the make of your printer is, and you will definitely find an app specific for it.

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