How to Boost the speed of Android phone or tablet

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Check How to Boost the speed of Android phone or tablet

After a while, the performance of your Android operating system will start to deteriorate, just like any other desktop or mobile operating system. To keep up with our demand to be on the go, mobile operating systems are expected to be lighter and faster, while giving us access to everything. Wish you could have the best of both worlds? Then it is time to clean the house.

We have some recommendations to share with you if you’ve found that your Android phone’s performance has slowed down, ‘especially after you’ve been filling it with hundreds of Android apps (we don’t blame you) from the Google Play Store.

With a few tweaks and modifications, you should be able to bring your Android back to life, especially if it was upgraded to Android 4.0 or higher.

How to boost your Android phone or tablet

Free up space

Your device will run faster if the memory is not overloaded.

  • Evaluate the applications you have on your phone or tablet. Remove the ones you no longer need or use. This frees up space on the device. To remove an app you downloaded, go to Settings and look for the App control (It seems a bit hidden at times, so you may need to look for it.) Touch any application included in the Application Manager that you want to uninstall to open its information screen.
  • Tap on the Uninstall at the bottom of the screen to remove it.
  • Also, disable the apps that came on your mobile device but that you don’t use. In most cases, you go to the Application properties to disable an application.
  • Look at your photo and music libraries. If you take multiple photos at a time to get the best one, you should review and delete those extra shots. Also, if you see songs that you thought you would listen to but didn’t, delete them.
  • Check your Downloads folder. You may find it cluttered with files that you no longer need.
  • Go Settings and open the storage page. Look for an “Other” or “Miscellaneous” heading. Tap on it and you’ll probably see a bunch of files that apps downloaded to your phone or tablet. If you are sure you no longer need a file, delete it. If you are not sure, it is better to leave it alone.

Go to Free Widget and Animation

As with apps, widgets that you don’t need should be disabled. The widgets or launcher you use can provide animations and special effects that look great, but require additional processing power and can slow down your phone or tablet. Check into your launcher to see if you can disable these additional effects and gain some speed.

Final words: How to Boost the speed of Android phone or tablet

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