How to capture a scrolling screenshot on Apple iPhone

Google Chrome browser silently added support for the scrolling screenshot feature this week. The feature was introduced by the company with Android 12. It allows users to capture a screenshot of content that is scrollable. With this feature, users don’t have to capture multiple screenshots of a lengthy scrollable content on their smartphone. But did you know that you can also capture a scrolling screenshot on Apple iPhones.

With iOS 14, Apple added the scrolling screenshot feature to iPhones but it is quite different from the feature seen on Android devices. On iPhones, users can only use the feature majorly on first-party apps such as Safari, Notes and others. The native feature also only saves the screenshot in a PDF format and not a JPEG. If you want to know how to capture a scrolling screenshot on Apple iPhone. You can follow these steps.


Capture a screenshot by pressing the power button and the volume up button together.


Tap on the screenshot preview at the bottom left corner of the screen.


In the preview, tap on the Full Page option next to Screen.


Now you will be able to see a small image of the whole page on the right side of the screen. You can select a particular section of the page or the whole page through the Resize tool at the top bar of the screen.


You can also use the Markup tool in the same window.


Tap on Done at the top left corner of the screen.


Tap on Save PDF to Files option. As mentioned earlier, you can save the file in PDF format only.


Select the location where you want to save the file and tap on Save.


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