How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

New Switch owners won’t have a lot of storage space at first, so here’s how to delete games to make some room.

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The Nintendo Switch only gives new users less than 32 Gigabytes of internal storage space to work with. Although many Nintendo Switch games are small in size, the storage will still fill up quickly, and folks should eventually invest in a microSD card unless they plan on only playing a handful of games at a time. To make space for other games, here’s how to delete games on the Nintendo Switch.

Before getting into the step-by-step process of deleting games from the Switch system, users should know that, if deleted, games on the Switch can easily be redownloaded from the Nintendo eShop –they won’t be gone forever. The saved data for the game will also remain intact, but players can delete it if they want to by going into the save data in the settings.


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How to Delete a Game on Nintendo Switch

From the Home Screen

The first way that Switch players can delete a game to make room for other games is by going to the main Switch home screen. From there, highlight the game that players want to delete. Press the + button to enter the options for that specific Switch game.

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From there, hit ‘Manage Software‘ and then press the ‘Delete Software’ option. This will delete the game’s data. However, folks can also choose to transfer their save data to another Switch system or choose to archive the software.

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Archiving the game just means that it will still get deleted, but the game’s icon will remain on the Switch home screen to look at. Pressing the icon will commence the download of the game.

From the Switch System Settings

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Switch owners can also delete a game by going into the System Settings. Scroll down to Data Management and then hit Manage Software. The screen that appears will show a list of all of the currently installed games categorized by file size so that players can see the largest game file at the top. By clicking on the game, players can archive or delete the software, just like they could on the Switch home screen. And that’s all there is to deleting games on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and the Switch OLED model are available now.

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