How to Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

The unpleasant memory wipe occurs at some point during a device’s life. You may need to delete your iPhone’s data for a multitude of reasons, including selling it, having troubles, or simply wanting a fresh start. If you reset your iPhone to factory settings, it will return to its original condition, with no contacts, music, images, passcode memory, or anything else you’ve added since then. However, create a backup of all personal data before you initiate the process of resetting your iPhone to guarantee that you don’t lose any important information. Erase iPhone to wipe all of your content and settings from storage. Here’s a guide for you to reset your iPhone

Wipe all content and settings with your device

  • Go over to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone to reset your iPhone
  • If you’re deleting your iPhone to make room for a new iPhone you already own, you can use iCloud’s extra free storage to transfer your apps and data to the new device.
  • Return to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone after tapping Get Started and following the onscreen steps
  • The last option Erase All Content and Settings is
  • You have the choice to set up the iPhone as new or restore it from a backup when it restarts with all content and settings deleted. See Turn on and configure your iPhone.

If you forget your Apple ID password and are asked to enter it, go to the Recover your Apple ID website.

Wipe all content and settings from your iPhone using a computer

Using a Mac or Windows PC, you can erase all data and settings from your iPhone and it’ll get back to factory settings, and install the latest version of iOS. If you didn’t access Settings on your iPhone, you can use this method to restore it to factory settings.


  • On a Mac running macOS Catalina or later, open the Finder. Identify which version of macOS is installed on your computer. Launch iTunes on a Mac or a PC running macOS Mojave or earlier.
  • Connect your computer to your iPhone
  • If a notification asks for your device passcode or that you Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen instructions. Get help if you’ve forgotten your passcode.
  • When your device shows on your computer, select it. Learn what to do if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won’t turn on or is unresponsive. If your device does not appear on your computer, get assistance.
  • Restore [device] is the last option. If you’re already logged into Find My, you’ll need to log out before clicking Restore.
  • To confirm, click Restore once more. Your computer will reset your device and download the latest iOS
  • When you restore your device to factory settings, it will restart. It’s now possible to set it up as if it were brand new

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