How to set up a new Android phone: First, do these five things

I like fingerprint readers on Android smartphones, but setting up this feature gives you the option to enroll more than one finger.

Do it.


Now, I’m not suggesting you might lose a finger or anything (it’s possible, but pretty rare these days), but even a small cut or band-aid can result in you having to enter your passcode. I tend to register four fingers (two on each hand — which fingers depend on the smartphone, where the fingerprint reader is located, and the size of the handset) to give me the best unlocking flexibility.

Also, I tend to register the main finger I use to unlock my phone twice. I find this makes the reader more reliable and less likely to be put off by small scars or dirt.

All of this will take a few minutes, but it will save you quite a bit of frustration down the line.

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