How to transfer all your passwords from Apple to Android

So you have decided to retire from the secured Apple ecosystem but enter the risky and colourful Android town. Switching from an iPhone and Android was once a strenuous task, it is stressful to some extent. From transferring contact list, photos, to videos, the process seems like traveling by rail. The most challenging one is to remember passwords to accounts and apps. Also Read – Microsoft pulls out of in-person presence at CES 2022 amid Covid concerns

That’s a dull memory game I wouldn’t prefer to play. If you are on the same boat and looking for a solution, here are the steps that you need to follow to transfer your passwords from your old iPhone to the new Android device. Also Read – iPhone 13 available at Rs 69,900, iPhone 13 mini at Rs 60,400: How to get the deal

Tips to export passwords from an Apple device

As we mentioned earlier, Apple ecosystem is secured and as the company takes safeguarding user privacy seriously, transfering data, password, etc becomes difficult. But there is a workaround to transfer passwords iCloud Keychain to Google account for Android device. For this you will need a Mac or MacBook that must be running macOS Monterey. Also Read – CES 2022: Now Google, Intel, GM, Lenovo cancel plans amid rising Covid-19 cases

Step 1- First up, open System Preferences on your Mac/MacBook signed into your iCloud account.

Step 2- Then search for Passwords and click it.

Step 3- Enter the authentication password that you used to log in to your system.

Step 4- Scroll at the bottom and click on the three-dot menu.

Step 5- Two options will pop up on the screen, click Export Passwords, and then tap the Confirm button.

Step 6- After this choose a name and location for your CSV file.

The process won’t delete your passwords from the Apple device. Moving to the second part of the process-

How to import passwords to the Android device via Google account

-Open Google Chrome on your Mac and type “”

-Select the account where you want to save the passwords, enter credentials if asked.

-Once logged in, click on the Settings icon you will see at the top right corner of ‘Password Manager’

-Search for ‘import passwords’ and click the Import button on the right.

-Next up tap ‘Select File’ and look for the CSV file that you saved in your system.

-Once located, tap Import option.

Once the process gets completed you will have all the passwords transferred to your Google Password Manager.

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