If you are looking for a highly fashionable and great looking smart phone, you should consider the HTC Incredible S. It has a full glass front featuring a touch screen, and touch sensitive buttons hidden behind a glass plate at the bottom of the screen. Around the glass front is a rubber covering, which means no plastic casing to get scratched, making your phone look unsightly, as well as added grip.

If you like to capture your favorite memories, then the camera on this phone will impress you. At 8 mega pixels, the quality of still images is incredibly smart and clear. Gone are the days where mobile photography was dark and grainy. Now the HTC Incredible S provides beautiful high color and clear images. It is possible to also capture video with the HTC Incredible S. This isn’t just any video – you achieve stunning HD with perfect clarity and color. This makes the HTC Incredible S a great option if you are going on holiday, or want to capture the early years of your children’s lives.

When on the move, you may wish to find some entertainment to fill in he boredom. The HTC Incredible S can play HD movies, and with virtual surround sound SRS WOW HD, you can share the experience with a friend, or enjoy alone. The 4 inch super LCD screen allows you to view video content on a generously sized screen for a smart phone. You can show your photos by using the phone’s slideshow feature in beautiful HD. Even when browsing the Internet, you will not struggle to view content.

The phone has a 1GHz processor, which will allow this Android based phone to view flash content and with 1GB internal memory and a microSD slot to allow you to expand that memory further, there’s room for you to store plenty of images or movies on the phone.

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