i-On Skincare launching new technology into Nordstrom

The brand, i-On Skincare​, currently has two “age disrupting” products, a moisturizer and an eye cream, which remove excess levels of iron in the skin brought on by menopause, which would normally lead to the production of free radicals and require antioxidant treatment.

In October, Nordstrom launched i-On for sale in-store and online, which i-On CEO Missy Godfrey said was a result of evidence the company’s patented technology is effective in treating menopause-driven skin problems. Godrey maintained it represents a solution to a long unsolvable cosmetic problem.

The scientist who developed the technology, Xi Huang, said his research shows as much as a 42% increase in iron in the skin post-menopause, and trying to address adverse effects of that change with antioxidnats after oxidation has already occurred is a zero-sum game.

“Other people are using antioxidants to fight against oxidants,”​ Xi said. “That is a battle I don’t think we can win, it’s like one soldier against one soldier. We take iron away, so we stop oxidation.”

Coal component unlocked concept for new technology

Xi said his background in research of black lung disease among coal miners was the inflection point for creating i-On. In doing occupational medicine research for black lung, he discovered that a certain component of coal could make iron non-bioavailable.

Because black lung research is often political and funding was limited, he said he transitioned this knowledge to women’s health when he saw an New York University study stating women experienced significant increases of iron in their body during and after menopause.

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