These days, modern entrepreneurs are spending less time in the office than ever before. No longer are you needed to spend all your time in the same location as your workmates. The laptop is your best friend and it allows you to work from home, coffee shops, or even 30,000ft in the air. But with technology always changing there are more and more tools you have available at your disposal. None more so than the outbreak of tablets into the marketplace.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether it’s possible to run your business from an iPad. Ever since the first iPad was announced in 2010 has the question been asked and at the time the feeling wasn’t so positive. But it’s a new year, and with the latest instalment hitting the shelves the question crops up once again: does the iPad allow you to run your empire from anywhere in the world? Let’s see how it holds up.

Ease of use

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The laptop can’t compete with the iPad when it comes to usability. The fact you can hold it in your hand is absolutely fantastic for general computing tasks. It means your coffee shop sessions can be a lot more enjoyable, especially for things like browsing the web, checking emails, reading books, or chatting with your friends on social networking sites.

It’s top of the charts for content consumption by a big margin. Now you can whip it out on the bus or train, whereas this wouldn’t be possible with a laptop unless you really went to extremes. We know content consumption still plays a big part in business. But what about creation?

Can you write?

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One of the biggest concerns has to be whether or not you can type as fast on an iPad than you can with a laptop. Most businesses are built around content creation and if you can’t add content to your website you won’t last too long. Sadly the iPad falls short.

Although it’s possible to write using the touch screen it’s much slower than using a keyboard. All is not lost, though. You can buy an external keyboard and type as you would normally. The only problem with this is the fact you have to carry around a keyboard everywhere you go.

It’s no good for graphics


All you designers out there won’t be too happy to know that it’s just not possible to use as your primary work tool. It would be cool to design graphics on a touch screen, but sadly the day has not yet come. I’m sure this will be something they’ve taken into consideration and could work towards in the future.

If you do decide to go down that path, be warned your quality of work could be viewed as non-professional. Even simple things like selecting portions of a photo when you’re working with layers just isn’t possible. The touch screen is far too unpredictable.

And finally video

9 (iMovie for iPad) - Type the desired video title

This is where it starts to get a little better, which means good news for all you video makers out there. You won’t be able to shoot a Hollywood film, plus edit it, but it’s still a good enough quality to work for the vast majority of us. Though not if you’re using it for anything too professional.

If you’re in the big leagues then a laptop will still win hands down. Editing in iMovie is actually a lot better than most laptop programs. I guess it’s decent enough if you’re just going to use it in the coffee shops. Depending on which side of the business you’re on will determine whether you should get one.

About the author: Brian is a tech blogger and loves Apple products, though he is wary of people trying to a media consumption tool as a productivity gadget. If you are looking to buy an iPad on finance, head over to his site and take the plunge.

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