Is Nintendo teasing a new upcoming Super Mario game for Nintendo Switch?

Like any other major media company, Nintendo sometimes hides the truth and operates in mysterious ways. They don’t lie, but they don’t speak it either. And that’s why she hasn’t heard anyone say a single word about an upcoming Super Mario game in the last six years.

There are several reasons for this, the biggest being that Nintendo tries to only announce games when they’re about to launch. That could be due to the lesson they learned from Metroid Prime 4.

But lately, Nintendo has started to do a very strange thing, which has fans wondering if they’re getting a new Mario game anytime soon.


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Nintendo May Tease Super Mario Odyssey Sequel for Nintendo Switch!

Recently, some Nintendo Switch users found a very strange email waiting for them in their inbox. This mail simply informed them about Super Mario Odyssey.

It spoke to them about collectibles, unlockable outfits, and even some secrets that can be found in the game. That’s pretty cool from Nintendo’s end. But Nintendo doesn’t just do things like that for no reason.

The last time players received emails like this from the company was about WarioWare. Wario, which is exactly what an inverted or opposite Mario would be called, has his own series of weird games.

This series is called WarioWare and they are a series of rhythm based games. And when Nintendo started emailing fans about WarioWare, they brought a new Wario game to the console a few months later.

And that’s what fans find curious about this mail. This gives them the impression that maybe a new Super Mario game is on the way. And this game could even be a direct sequel to Super Mario Odyssey.


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There could be another angle too!

While some think these emails portend the arrival of a new Super Mario game, others think it could just mean Nintendo is trying to get Mario fans excited about the upcoming film. Not like they need another reason to be hyped for it. This type of marketing works quite well.

Whatever Nintendo’s intent behind these emails, one thing is certain: if a new Super Mario game is in the works, it won’t be coming to the current-gen Nintendo Switch.


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Or at least it would be a cross-gen title.

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